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BlueBird Blog December dealer

We are proud to announce a new Bluebird Guitar Strap dealer.

Elering’s Guitar Shop
Bijlestaal 56A
1721PW Broek op Langedijk, the Netherlands

Today we have added some brand new guitar straps in the Modern, Vintage and Deluxe series.
We just received some amazing new jacquard, fabrics and colorful webbings.
For our leather strap ends we are also able to make them in a cognac-brown finish, this new leather material really serves the colors and fabric combination.

Bluebird blog events
BlueBird Blog Event Calendar

A brand  new bundle of the finest fabrics and jacquards are added to the Bluebird guitar strap collection. Check them out in our webshop!!

Want to win a Jimi Hendrix Package?

1x Modern Bluebird Guitar Strap Marshall '75
1x Jimi Hendrix Funko Pop
1x Jimi Hendrix Experience CD
2x Sets of Rotosound music Strings 0.10


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We'll be drawing the winner on Thursday December 28 - 2017!
And will be announced on our facebook and here on this blog!

Bluebird guitar straps will be present in 2018 at some of the Dutch guitar events. Therefore we added an events calendar to our website, so you can keep track on which event is happening where, and where you are able to meet us in person. We bring our current inventory to these events, plus we offer some really nice event discounts. Come and see us there!!

Bluebird blog new Straps
Bluebird Blog New Straps added

the Bluebird guitar strap catalog is getting bigger and bigger by the day! Last week we found some really nice floral jacquard fabrics in various colors. The nice thing about these floral patterns is when you look at them, they show a 3d depth in the embroidery which really brings out the flowers on the strap. Check them out at our webstore page and get yours quick! 

Our Facebook page reached the 500 Likes mark from our fans today. Thank you so much for all your kind support in our Bluebird Guitar Straps. We are really very grateful, and all of this was all done in just a matter of a few weeks. More new straps are added to our catalog this week and more are yet to come, so keep your eye open to our social media and website to stay up-to-date and tell all your fellow musical friends about the Bluebird Guitar Straps.

Bluebird blog 500 facebook likes
Bluebird blog 500 likes
Bluebird blog new fabrics 29
BlueBird Blog December vintage fabrics

Just before the end of the year we were able to finds some new yards of vintage fabrics.
All sorts of antiques brocade & French antique vintage ribbons, in various colors and design patterns. This means we will kick off the new year GOOD with some great new Bluebird guitar straps added to our catalog. Get yours NOW!!

Bluebird blog promo video

We just released our new promo video about the new stocked Bluebird Guitar Straps. In this video you’ll get a sneak peek of our new vintage French antique Brocade Jacquard fabrics, threads, webbings and materials. More new Bluebird guitar straps will be added to our catalog soon, We are getting ready for 2018!!

2018-01-02 Bluebird blog New Brocade Trim
BlueBird Blog Jan vintage fabrics

2018 all ready started good for Bluebird Guitar straps, we just found four new vintage brocade trims in various color combinations:
- Light Blue & Yellow
- Orange & Olive Green
- Olive Green & Yellow
- Hazel Brown & Yellow
These will soon be added to the Bluebird Guitar Straps catalog in our webshop.

Furthermore, Bluebird Guitar Straps will be a participant at some of the best guitar events throughout the Netherlands, at those events we will bring our entire Bluebird Guitar Straps collection, so you can see them with your own eyes. Check out our event calendar and we’ll see you there!!

Bluebird blog new Straps 2018

Brand new strap designs are added to the Bluebird Guitar Strap collection. We found some rare vintage fabrics and jacquards trims from all over the world. Including some artist tribute designs like our “California Eagles” and “Stained Glass”. Here in the video you'll get an idea on what we have added this week, .....and still more to come.
Check them out, and get your Bluebird Guitar Strap today!

2018-09-02 Bluebird sneak preview
BlueBird blog Sep9 Sneak priview
2018-06-14 Bluebird blog vintage guitar show

Here is a Sneak Preview of one of our newest findings in the Bluebird Guitar strap collection. We found more them over 30 extremely rare vintage ‘60 and ‘70 woven jacquard trimming. Those will be added to our Bluebird Vintage and Rare Guitar Straps collection.
Make sure you lay your hands on one of these, since those fabrics won't be reproduced.
We managed to purchase the last remaining batch.

When you buy a Bluebird Guitar Strap directly from our webshop before September 8th, you'll get a FREE entrance ticket for the Vintage Guitar Show Veenendaal 2018. (event date is September 22 - 2018)
You don't need to share, like or comment on the post.(But that would be appreciated of course)

Simply buy a:
Bluebird Modern, Bluebird Vintage, Bluebird Vintage Deluxe or a Bluebird Vintage & Rare strap, Let us know that you wanna be put on our guest list. And we make sure you get your FREE entrance ticket for that day. (Tickets cannot be refunded or exchange of money, and this offer does not apply for our dealers)
On that day you need to bring:
Your personal ID card and your Bluebird order number confirmation
Spread the word and we see you there..... Get your Bluebird Guitar Strap TODAY!
Sale starts today and ends September 8 - 2018

Last website update: Sep-28-2018

Bluebirdguitarstraps ®2018


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