Every guitar deserves a stunning strap and with the Bluebird vintage guitar straps you will be assured of a handmade strap made from the heights quality materials. Bluebird offers four different styles of vintage guitar straps:

 - Standard
 - Modern
 - Vintage
 - Deluxe

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The Blue Bird vintage guitar straps are handmade in the Netherlands, each strap is made of the finest vintage fabric materials and 100% genuine leather hand cut strap ends.

**Lifetime warranty:

Your Bluebird strap comes with a Lifetime warranty, with the exclusion on the usual wear & tear, discoloration of the fabric and thread stitches. The lifetime warranty does apply to the construction of your strap. Our straps CAN NOT be washed, Ironed, dry tumbled or bleached.

BlueBird Standard Strap
BlueBird Modern Strap
BlueBird Vintage Strap
BlueBird Deluxe Strap
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BlueBird Standard Strap Bege
BlueBird Standard Strap Black
BlueBird Standard Strap Chocolate brown
BlueBird Standard Strap Coffee Brown
BlueBird Standard Strap Dark Militry Green
BlueBird Standard Strap Falu Red
BlueBird Standard Strap Purple
BlueBird Standard Strap White
BlueBird Standard Strap Navy Blue
BlueBird Standard Strap Yellow

The Bluebird - standard guitar strap is a 2” inch polypropylene webbing, which is a strong but soft-woven webbing. The webbings are available in different colors variations. The leather strap end can be modified to the color of your choosing. 


Navy Blue

Chocolate Brown

Coffee Brown


Falu Red


Dark Military Green



Bluebird 100% leather
BlueBird warranty

Each Bluebird guitar strap is 2” inch (50mm) wide, can be easily adjust to the maximum length of 4.8 feet. (150 cm) unless noted otherwise in the description. The adjustment buckles and metal rings are available in Vintage Braze and Modern Chrome finish. The leather used on the bluebird guitar straps is a 100% genuine real leather, each end has its own unique look or finish. From a “cracked” texture to the smooth solid surface, available in black, (light) brown. Our straps and leather ends carry a lifetime warranty**.

The Bluebird - modern guitar strap is the second in the bluebird line, and the modern has all the above specifications of the bluebird standard strap plus a 2” inch (5 cm) jacquard topping added to the strap. The jacquard a Polyester / Nylon webbing  and comes in different designs and colors. For these modern straps we always try to find the best matching backing band, so the overall look will complement each other. Keep in mind that some of the these jacquard are one of a kind, so we wont have a large numbers of quantity in stock.

The Bluebird - vintage guitar strap is the third in line, and the vintage also has all the above specifications of the bluebird standard strap, plus a one of a kind 2” inch (5 cm) vintage cotton jacquard webbing, the different between the modern and the vintage jacquard is that the vintage cotton webbing is not mass produced, which makes its rarity even more outstanding. For vintage Bluebird straps we also try to find the best matching backing to make the overall look complement the vintage topping. Furthermore the rarity on these webbings make the bluebird vintage guitar straps more one of a kind and only available in small numbers of quantity. So you have to be quick once you see a Bluebird Vintage guitar strap of your liking, because we cannot guaranty the availability

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Our pride Strap in line is the Bluebird - Deluxe strap, which is the fourth and most luxury strap in line. The deluxe is a fabric ‘wrap around’ guitar strap, meaning that the fabric is not only a 2” inch topping but a complete back and front fabric wrapped around, with the Deluxe we are able to provide a strap that contains all sorts of unique designs, patterns, prints, velvet or plane solid color. We have a standard line of really unique fabrics and prints such as the Paisley line, but when you are searching for something custom made… the deluxe opens doors new doors for embroidery patch work applications for band names or tribute / themed straps. Depending of the complexity of your design…we are always willing to see what we can do to help you. So feel free to contact us about any of your designs and ideas.

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