Prevent your strap from accidentally slipping from your guitar, with the Bluebird Strapblox® rubber rings. Your instrument strap stays firmly in its place. No need to remove or replace the existing strap buttons on your guitar; just slip them easily over the existing installed strap buttons and thats it, -you are ready to perform! They are easy to install, elegant, functional, effective and reliable. Strapblox fit/work with most OEM strap buttons and will be delivered in a set of two rings. Strapblox are a made from a high quality, durable and sturdy rubber. - keep your strap from accidentally slipping!

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When you prefer a strap lock system that is attached to your strap and holds a easy click on security we can also provide you bluebird guitar strap with such a strap lock system. All you have to do is place the strap lock system to your order shopping cart, and we will add the strap locks to your Bluebird guitar strap. Did you all ready order your bluebird strap from us, but you forgot to strap lock system? No worries the Strap locks are also separate available.
The strap locks are available in Chrome, Nickel, Black and Gold

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