Bluebird® vintage guitar straps is a young company founded in the Netherlands in early 2017. In those early days, we were just providing our friends, family and own guitars with a vintage handmade guitar strap. It was until other people started to noticed the values of a unique look and the rarity of our fabrics, that bluebird started to handmade them on a larger scale.

What make the Bluebird guitar strap so different than any other brand out there on the market, is found in little details such as the strap backing that we use. Traditionally most brand use plane black strap backings, where we try to match our backing-band(s) to both ours modern and vintage jacquard webbing so the overall look will complement each other or the guitar that the strap is attached to. We even uplift the strap a little more we also try to complement the strap by matching our Bluebird leather strap ends to the textures used in the webbing and jacquard, because these subtle changes can make the different between a standard look & feel to a more vintage look. For this we found some really unique materials to work with. Every piece of leather is personally-handpicked and is 100% genuine real leather.

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Being able to do some embroidery patch work on a strap, can give just that little more attention to a strap needed for any themed band formation, tribute bands or when you want your own band name logo prominent being showing to your crowd. One of the first two tribute strap projects we did were the Prince Purple Super bowl ’07, and the Nude ’90 model-C guitar Strap, which had both a rich gold ornaments on the strap.

The Janome Digitizer MBX v5 embroidery software converts almost any object or symbol, and text needed to make the strap you want one of a kind for you and your band. This is something you cant with any other brand of guitar straps!

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We are proud to announce the we could make a donation to the Mayte Rescue. For this we donated a custom made bluebird guitar strap with their logo, dog footprints, hearts and vines embroidery on top of a Purple Paisley Bluebird Deluxe strap, which they have put up for auction to raise money and awareness for their animal rescue.
Bluebird guitar straps would like to thank Austin Douglas aka “Lil’ Gang$ta” and Kim Bellatoni Annicchiarico to make this all possible, and of course Mayte. The strap (how it is with the Mayte logo embroidery) will not be available for future sales. A bluebird guitar strap with just the Purple Paisley fabric will be continued and could be done with your own custom logo design.

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The vintage fabrics got us started in the first place. Since we are musicians ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find any good instrument to that can also say something thing about your style of playing or your personality. What if you can find a none-standard guitar strap that does the same for your instrument? So we started to make our own… Since the vintage fabrics are so hard to find, we sometimes depend on the help of our friends and families finding those one of a kind webbings. Sometimes we can only find a few yards, just enough to make one or two straps out of it and that makes the strap limited available in our web-store.

With the four different strap categories we keep every body's budget or taste in mind. The first in line is the bluebird – standard and starts from €25,- (ex shipping). What also offer the possibility to personalized your bluebird standard strap. You can combine any of the webbing colors, to the braze or chrome hardware and any of our leather strap and colors and textures or when you want a different strap length, all you have to do is contact us and we see where we can help you.

we support Mayte Rescue
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