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GT Legato NB

Legato is a technique I use a lot, to be true that has more to do with me being a “lazy picker”, but from this I came up with some nice idea’s to build some more strength and dexterity.

This is a good technique to build some strength in your left-hand, since you don't pick all the notes with your left-hand, your right has to work a little bit harder to get the same expression for each note.
To build this technique you can start with easy to repeat patterns so your fingers will be comfortable with the hammer-on and pull-off that you’re playing.

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Legato NB 001

To get the feel of this, a simple starters lick.

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Legato NB 002

And the same idea, but now added with the 3rd finger.

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Legato NB 003

Same idea, but wider intervals between the fingers.

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Legato NB 004

In this lick you’ll do the legato between two strings while using the same shapes as before.

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Legato NB 005

This will combine a legato shape over more strings including some tapping notes.

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Legato NB 006

This is based on the same idea, starting on a tapped note followed up by some legato played run across the neck.

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