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The scales that you find here are some of the basic shapes and forms for scales.
I wanted to show them first, because this section will be up dated with some more scale variations, but to play along with the new coming scale tutorials, you need to know some of the basic shapes and forms that I play and use to play any other scales.

The idea of this is that you can find the scale notes across the neck across all strings.
By playing this as an exercise you will help your ear to be trained into a part of your playing.
So you can find the remaining positions by listening to what you are playing on the neck.

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Scales NB 001

The first will be a basic shape to start off with.

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Scales NB 002

This next scale gives an Egyptian kind sound, and has some wider intervals between the notes.

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Scales NB 003

On this scale, there is again some big intervals, especially on the A,D and G string.
Find the best finger settings, so you can play them evenly.

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Scales NB 004

This scale in another variation on some of the other licks.
Keep in mind to play them clean and in time.

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Scales NB 005

Coming soon!!

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