Social media is more and more the place where we communicate with one another.
Personal websites,  Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube are the places where we find our friends and shared interests.
We need likes and friends on Facebook to grow a community to get our product known to the world.

A good banner, profile picture or logo helps you generate those like and friends almost instantly and automatically.
However not everybody is able to make their own custom artwork and designs, this is when we can step in........ But we don't' stop just there!!!

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With a video you can tell so much more, and when you want to be taken seriously, you need to have that professional look and feel to your footage.
Nowadays, anybody with a camera or Smartphone can record and upload a video to YouTube.

Capturing a moment on video is actually a form of art, however lighting, sound, editing and maybe effects is an overlooked topic for most people.
From live motion video, 3D models and Animations, special effects and sound, you can make the video speak for itself.


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This is a new 3D animation video about the new KHDK Dark Blood guitar effects pedal.
The story behind this is a “evil spirit” talking to the viewer through a OUIJA Board, introducing the new Kirk Hammett KHDK - Dark Blood pedal while the room floods with blood.


This video is a 3D animation about the Kirk Hammett KHDH Electronics Guitar Effect pedals.
The idea is based on a Haunted Horror Mansion, with all the Kirk Hammett props you can think of.
His mummy and Frankenstein guitar, Waw pedal and Uoija Board on top of the fireplace.

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