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Here is a small collection of logo's we have designed for different companies.
Some already had a logo but needed a little pimping, others had nothing and we had to build the logo from scratch.

Some of these logo's are also used in intro product video's for their YouTube channel and website, you'll find them at the video/youtube section of this page.
All of these logo's are made in Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.


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StringVideo Portfolio
Diodak Logo Small
Farwheel Logo Small
MaxGuitar logo Small
Moonspinner Logo Small
Sinister Logo Small

Sometimes banners are needed to promote products or sales from various websites and brands.
For some products we did the photography first, and added some text and logo's, but for some banners it was needed to add 3D models or a combination from both worlds.


KVS 1 small
KVS 2 small
KVS 3 small
KVS 4 small
KVS 5 small
KVS 6 small
KVS 7 small
KVS 8 small
Folreden 4 Small
Folreden 6 Small
Folreden 7 Small
Folreden 8 Small
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MaxGuitar 1 Small
MaxGuitar 2 Small
MaxGuitar 3 Small
MaxGuitar 4 Small
StringVideo Logo
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Vanderkroft 1 Small
Vanderkroft 2 Small
Vanderkroft 4 Small
Vanderkroft 7 Small
Acoustic Universe Shirt
Ramon Koning Shirt

Some of the designs we have made end up to be used as prints for t-shirts, hoodies or jackets
These designs were used as company clothing, promotions, events, special occasions or contest giveaways.

The designs you see here below in the examples, are 3D models with those prints on it, since we don't print the T-shirts ourselves.

All of these shirt designs are made in Adobe Photoshop.


tshirt Folreden 2 small
tshirt Folreden small
tshirt GuitarStore small
tshirt PRS small
Poster KVSP Small
Poster MG guitar small
Poster Ramon Koning Small
Poster Ramon Koning2 Small
Print KVS Sticker small
Print MG Guitarist 1 small
Print MG Guitarist 2 small
Print MG nijmegen small
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KeuringsdienstvanSnaren Suzuki Alto


Like the T-shirts, printed advertisement is another great and useful form to promote your brand, product or company.
For several companies we designed printed artwork like: gift cards, event posters, magazine advertisement, window and car stickers and flyers.

Poster MG Spike small
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KeuringsdienstvanSnaren Logo Small
MusicManiacs Logo Small
Folreden Logo Small

In a time period of 3 years, we made 400+ Product Review videos for the youtube Channel of MaxGuitarStore.
For this we did the recording, editing and designing the Intro's & Animated Lower Thirds.

This list of videos is way to long to post here, so what you will find is a small collection of video's that we have made for other companies in the last couple of months.
For the recordings we use the Sony HXR-MC50E.

Edit & Recordings

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3D modeling Small - Celtic Cross and Ivy
3D modeling Small - Guitar Effects
3D modeling Small - Ibanez Jem Flo 1
3D modeling Small - Kirk Hammett
3D modeling Small - Old Spice
3D modeling Small - Prince Cans
3D Marvel small
3D modeling Small - the walking dead

While we are filming, sometimes we needed small objects, props or animations that wasn't really there, so we had to learn how to model those 3D models, now days the 3d Models are used for different reasons or projects purposes.
And with some good lightning you can give it that realistic look you are looking for.

Here you see some examples we have made, if you are interested in some models, check my Turbosquid profile.
And if what you are looking for is not listed there....just contact us and maybe we can build it for you.


Ibanez Heart Guitar

Over the years we worked on various projects for different companies, to grow their website and social media contact such as video editing & recordings, Product Review Video's, 3D projects for animations and still images productions for different companies.

Other projects where designed for printed advertisement like magazines, posters, flyers, gift cards and T-shirts.

In this portfolio section you'll get an impression on what we have designed, so you'll get an idea on "what is possible to make".

StringVideo Top banner2
StringVideo bottum  banner


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