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Hey folks,
Welcome to the new designed “Ghost on a String” String Studio website, here you can read the stories behind my guitars, gear collection, their specification. Plus you’ll find tutorials based on my guitar techniques and styles, guitar customizations and the building progress, with a lot more.
For those who know my website from the past, I decided to keep the website somewhat simpler that it used to be, so I could keep a better track in the updates and stories I want to tell you. So because of this a few things had to change for the better.

“Ghost on a String” was released in 2002 and was redesigned in early 2009 since I did a lot of new projects.
Over the last 3 years I run into a lack of time, so for that reason I didn’t do much for any updating to this website. So when it was time to do some updates….It was also time to redesign the whole site because there were too many projects and stories that I wanted to share with you.
First of all the guitars, I added a few new guitar projects to my collection, I made a custom Fender Telecaster TRK Richie Kotzen guitar, I redesigned the Prince Symbol

guitar, I added a new Acoustic Washburn 12 string Guitar, some new Boss GT100 Guitar effects and the Kurzweil K2500 was added as my main keyboard/synthesizer.
Still I am working on a few new custom models, and those can be found at the bottom of the guitar introduction page, there is a section called project-progress.

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What is new on Ghostonastring
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More important, on my previous website version, I had two sections “guitars” and “Guitar Projects”.
But I found out, that some of the stories were unread or hard to find, or I wrote double, for that reason I combined the two in one section, so you don’t have to read the same story twice and you can find everything by one click on the name.

Another problem I run into was that some of the pages were dated and no longer useful to keep in the ghostonastring website like the; old gear, want to haves and influence pages.
Maybe in a later moment I will add some of it back, when there will be a use for it...but for now!

Since June 2011 I have new video camera: the Sony HXR-MC50E so now all the video’s I will upload will be uploaded in the best quality possible to my YouTube channel and website, so you’ll get a better view on what I am doing.
Which brings me to the next new subject, like most other WebPages you can now follow me on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ to stay up to date, become a friend of subscriber, make a request and post me some comments.

I hope you like the new design and stories about all the items listed on this website.
When you have a question, comments or request, you are always welcome to ask me.
You can contact me by E-mail, or leave me a message on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ and I will do my best to help you out.

I am looking forward to hear from you, and to share some ideas.

Warm regards,

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