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Prince C-model Guitar Banner name
C-model Photo 1

The Prince C-model guitar is added to the collection.
It took me a while to build it,... but i believe it turned out really cool
Check it out!!!

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Prince - H S Andeson Mad Cat Guitar Banner
Prince - Mad Cat Guitar Photo 1

The Prince MadCat H.S. Anderson Telecaster  is added to the collection.
I have done some modifications the make it look and sound better
Check it out!!!

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LTD KH-602 Ouija Guitar  banner
LTD KH-602 Ouija ghoul screamer

Both the LTD KH-602 OUIJA Guitar and the KHDK Ghoul Screamer are added to the collection.
Some video’s will be added soon, plus a KHDK Dark Blood video.
When you are a Metallica fan, you should check out those pedals,...and if you can.....get this guitar.

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Kirk von Hammett Video

This is a new video I made for “de Keuringsdienst van Snaren”.
It’s about the KHDK Electronics guitar Padels from Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett!

This this out,....I hope you like it.

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LTD KH-203 Guitar main banner
LTD Kh-203 Guitar photo 1

An new guitar is added to the collection, a LTD Kirk Hammett Spider Skull.
Planning to do some new tutorials and demostations with this guitar.

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Prince symbol Guitar Name banner
Prince Symbol guitar Gold

I started to build this guitar in july 2012 and a few years later in Aug 2014  I found the time to finish the Prince Symbol Guitar.

My goal was to get as close as possible to the original Prince symbol guitar with all the new guitar luthier techniques I have learned over the last couple of years.
And I believe it really paid off.

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Washburn D11 TR Guitar Banner
Washburn D11 TR Photo 1

The Washburn D11 TR Cherry Red acoustic guitar is added in the guitar collection.
It’s my 7th in line of the Washburn familie.
You will see me play this in the new ghostonastring acoustic guitar tutorials.
At the moment I am working on the scripts for those recordings.

IF you have any song request, just let me know.

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