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In the end of November 2016 I was working on a 3d video about the Kirk Hammett KHDK - Dark blood pedal.
I wanted to do is a follow-up video on the Horror Mansion I did before, and since this pedal wasn't released yet in the time I was making the horror mansion, I figured to make a new “horror-ish” video for this pedal.

I came up with the idea of a dark deceased and evil spirit who was talking though an Ouija board about the “dark blood” KHDK pedal.
I all ready had made some of the 3D models in that Horror mansion, all I had to do is come up with some cool story to tell.

While I was doing some “research” on the Ouija board, accidentally I found this TLD KH-602 Ouija Kirk Hammett guitar, the day before my 43rd birthday, so as you may guess…this would be the perfect gift to celebrate my birthday.
I drove all the way up to Belgium, Antwerp and now this wonderful one of a kind guitar is in my collection.

Still I am working on the OUIJA dark blood video, and slowly it’s getting there,..but for my…..I will spent my time playing with this amazing guitar.

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LTD KH-602 Ouija Guitar Configuration


LTD Maple rosewood Neck-Thru
Moon & Stars
Alder body Black Ouija Finish
Jumbo frets 
EMG 60
EMG 81
3 way
Floyd Rose
Lock Nut

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I am not much of a Guitar Case collector, I have one that is like a “one size fits all” case and some gig bags.
Only for special shaped models like my iceman, Symbol and C-model I have made a custom case so I could take them safely with me.
The LTD KH-Ouija guitar came with its own original case.
There is nothing really special about it, but it has the Ouija Writing on it and Kirk Signature.

On the inside bedding, there you find a embroidery ESP Logo stitched to it.
Plus a nice compartment to hold you tuner, strings, tremolo arm strap and anything else you need to be on the road with this guitar.
Plus this will keep its value if I would ever consider to sell this.
Again,…nothing special….but I like it.

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LTD KH-602 Ouija Photo 3

This is my first guitar with a neck thru neck, and I have to say….this is really amazing.
The back of the neck is painted in the same black as the body, and has a nice combination of a  v/u contour.
It’s more flat at the high string side, but more rounded at the low, which gives a really nice grip and an amazing tone.
The inlay is a Moon/ star pearl inlay with at the 24th fret the LTD KH-OUIJA Inlay to make it all compete.

The action on the neck is extremely low and I found that really nifty for those shred runs that I am playing, but still clear for those metal riffs without any string buzz.
At the reversed headstock you’ll find the LTD logo and Kirk Hammett signature.
The combination of this all really brings out that unique Metallica/Hammett tone.

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LTD KH-602 Ouija Photo 5

The tremolo is a standard Floyd Rose system, and like I said before….it’s set to a really low string action.

The pickups are two active EMG’s, at the neck position you’ll see the EMG60 and at the bridge the EMG81, both has the UOIJA writing on them, to make them look as one with the body.
They sound really loud and opens new doors for playing my kind of metal.

Also you’ll find 2 volume knobs, one for each pickup and they share the tone knob…all connected to the 3-way switch selector.
And like I said before, those pickups are active pickups so they are powered by a 9v battery mounted at the back of the guitar.

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LTD KH-602 Ouija Photo 4

The body is a standard LTD shape made of Alder wood in a black finish with the Ouija ornaments and text written on it.
The wood brings out a very long sustain while playing and has this bright tone to it.
All the comfort cuts are similar to any RG Type guitar, this is something that I was really missing on the Spider Skull “Les Paul” shape LTD.

At the back you’ll find the routing for a 9v battery that powers the EMG pickups.
The tremolo space is really nice, and enables you to make those high squealing notes while pulling up the bar.

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KHDK Kirk von Hammett video
KHDK Ghoul Screamer photo 2

To make the sound complete, get a KHDK Gould Screamer….Point. No discussion possible!
I mean, when you consider a pedal that does the trick,…most people have a Ibanez Tube Screamer on their pedal board.

What the KHDK Ghoul Screamer is, a Ibanez Tube Screamer on steroids and it will give you so much more then you could ever wish for.
More variable sounds by a flip of a switch to customize it into your own taste of sound.
Not only is the pedal created by Kirk but also the brand is owned by Kirk, and there is a great line of pedals now.

Most recently, I made a promo video for “de Keuringsdienst van Snaren” about the KHDK pedals, and we did some roundup and each of them.
All of them have their own signature sound and I believe you should test each and every one of them…you won’t be disappointed.

The Promotion video I made is based on the idea of Kirk Hammett’s “Too much Horror business” book, where he takes you on a tour through his Classic Horror collection.
What I came up with this idea, when I was modeling all the metallica guitars in 3D, but I never finished the video,…and now for those KHDK pedals I could combine that idea of a horror Mansion tour....that shows in the end the pedals.
Most of the guitars decals I did in Photoshop, like the Mummy and Frankenstein.
So when I was time to make the promotion video, I could start with the building and stock it with all the Horror/Kirk Hammett items.

Dark Blood banner banner
Dark Blood Photo banner

Finding the LTD KH-OUIJAI guitar, all started with the idea of this video.
When I finished the main KHDK Horror mansion video, I found out that they have released their newest pedal called the “Dark Blood”.
The main idea for this video was a “Evil Spirit” talking through an OUIJA board, introducing the new pedal while the room will flood the floor with blood. For this I had to figure out how to use Realflow plug-in to simulate the blood.

I wanted it to be “Resident Evil”-ish spooky, so I dropped some skulled and a wheelchair from the stairs at the beginning,….and the story starts from there…..the “sound track” for this is down with my East West Quantum Leap – Storm Drums II VTS Pack, to create all those spooky squealing sound effects, the guitar sounds are done with the LTD KH-Ouija guitar, played backwards to make it even more mysterious.

I started to build the main walls first and started to add some lights to get the reflection right.
From there, importing the Props and added them their animation, like the OUIJA Pendal.
It’s spells “Hi Friend, I m Here 4 U” then the camera turned straight into the room and the KHDK Dark Blood pedals appears in the room and the room starts to flood with blood.
The blood need to be sticky and thicker than water,….For this I used a “Chocolate on a cookie” tutorial, and changed the value of the thickness of the chocolate into a more liquid setting.
The PC needed 14 hours to render out the Realflow Particles, from there….everything was rendered out again in C4D, and all was ready and done for some AE animations and sound effects.
This was a really nice project to work on, and I learned a lot of new things….especially about the light and liquid.
Check it out,…and tell me what you think.

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Spotlight Too much horror
LTD KH-602 Ouija Photo 8

This guitar is set with a standard Ernie ball string set: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032 and .042
The strap for now is a Dimarzio Black Clip-lock strap, but I am planning to make a custom strap for it with some cool Metallica Skull Embroidery on it.

Also included are the Dunlop Kirk Hammett Picks and a Custom make OUIJA Metallica Board.

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