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My first guitar was this very nice ’69 Gibson acoustic guitar from my dad, which I used on and off for about 8 years.
When I had my first holiday-job I save the money to buy my first electric guitar called the Gimmax, Which had the Fender style body and hardware but the playability was really terrible, and didn’t really help me a lot with my playing, 3 years later I saved some more money to buy my very first heavy metal guitar, the B.C Rich Iron Bird.

This guitar looked dangerous and played like a monster, and changed my playing for the better.
But everything changed when I found my first unique and rare Ibanez Jem777PMC in may 27th 1994.

This became my main guitar, and still…..but over the years I started to collect some other rare and unique models from Ibanez, like the Reb Beach Voyager and the PGM series.
In early 2004 I started to build my own guitars since I was missing a few models in my collection which I really loved.
And since the factory/company were no longer making those models or the models were made for the artist only; like the Ibanez RK1 Richie Kotzen guitar, both the

Cloud and Symbol guitar for Prince and the UVPAW for Steve Vai, I decided to make those models my self.
From that day, the custom builds projects launched into an insane collection.

For those Custom Projects I started simple, since I had no background of any wood craftsmanship or what so ever.
And over the years one model lead me into another, I started a new project before I finished the one I was working on, and came up with some great new idea’s.

I started to build the Ibanez Jem7bsb, Ibanez PGM700wht and the Ibanez WRB-3 models.
Still I have a “to do” list on models that I am working on or models that I wish to build soon.
You can read about the status of those custom build guitar projects at the bottom of this page.
So you will have an idea on where the project is going.

Here is a list of the guitars that I own and have so fare in my collection.

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Guitar Collection top

Here is a list of the guitars that I own and have so fare in my collection.By clicking on their name or the picture below or just on their name in the list on the right of each page, you’ll go directly to their main page where you can read something more about each guitar, their specifications, configurations and for the Custom build guitars you can read about their building story, which wood or parts I used.
More and more will be added, so keep your eyes open to this page so you have an up to date over-view.

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C-model Photo 1 Prince Gold Symbol Guitar photo 1 PRince_Symbol_Guitar_photo Prince - Mad Cat Guitar Photo 1 LTD KH-602 Ouija Photo 1 LTD Kh-203 Guitar photo 1
Ibanez_Jem7vwh_photo Ibanez_Jem777pmc Ibanez_Ep7 Ibanez_Uv777pbk Ibanze_Jem7bsb Jem77camo
Ibanez_Jem777gmc_photo Ibanez_jem7paw Ibanez_Rk1_Richie_Kotzen Fender TRK1 Ibanez_PGM500ca Ibanez_PGM700wht
Ibanez_PGM600 Ibanez_PGM30jb Ibanez_PGM30wh Ibanez_PS2_Photo Ibanez_RBM10sol Ibanez_WRB-3_Photo
Ibanez_RGR321ex_1__2_ Washburn ES20 photo 1 Washburn R45RCE photo 5 Washburn_D10_Photo Washburn D10 Wh photo 1 Washburn Heritage WD10s
Washburn D11 TR Photo 1 Washburn_N2_photo Dean_Mustaine_V_photo Electric_Sitar Dean_Edge_9_photo Ibanez GSR180 photo 1
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Custom guitar projects name banner
Custom guitar projects Photo

Currently I am working on a few different custom build models that needed to be added to my guitar collection.
My only problem is, sometimes I start a project and before I could finish it I have all ready started another project and those unfinished custom build guitars end up on my to do list.
The main reason why this happened is because sometimes I really have to wait long on parts that I ordered.
Or I came across some other parts, which I could use for some new project and that new project gets my full attention.
And from this the to do list grows bigger and bigger.

Now days I am working on a new Prince Symbol Gold Version, and I told my self I have to start and finish this guitar before I start on any other "new" project.
I hope I can stick to it, because while I am working on this one, I all ready get some new idea's like the Prince C-model guitar.

Since I get a lot of questions about the projects I am working on, I wanted to add an progress section.
So you will have an idea on where the project is going.
Also keep your eyes open to my FaceBook, there I will do the little updates.

So here is a little list of those projects I am working on:

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Ibanez E-DN126 Progress banner
E-DN126  Status picture

Jun 15th 2012

 - Ordering the remaining parts.
 - Picked up the body again.
 - Body is to the airbrush artist
 - Both necks are in
 - I have order the wood for the

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Prince Cloud Guitar progress banner
cloud Status picture

Sep 26th 2008

 - I have all the part except the
 - I have got the neck
 - Template is made but need to
   order some wood for the body.
 - Project put on hold for a while.

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Vai Flame Guitar progress banner
flame Status picture

March 5th 2009

 - I had the time to redo the
   flame template because the
   other one was to small.
 - found some wood that I could
   use for this.
 - All I need is a flamed Maple tiger
   stripe top because this piece
   is only 4 cm high.
 - Installed the nut on the neck.

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