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This here is my Dean bass guitar, and I have this one since Feb 2008.
While I was selling most of my gear, including my drum machine…..I was also without any bass sound.
Because I was using the Drum machine for programming my bass sounds.
I could use the Dr5 drum machine to do the bass again, but I haven’t used it for a long time and when I connected it again…..I wasn’t happy with its sounds.
For that reason I wanted to look for a simple bass guitar, which I could use to play some simple bass parts.

I didn’t some Google work, and I found out about this Dean Bass.
It was the Dean edge 9, which is sold for less then 100 euro.

I went to the local music store to test this bass to see if it was playing in the way I expected it to be.

To be true, I was amazed by its sound and the thin neck in this bass.
Because of this, I added the bass to my collection, the bass has a very deep sound.
And now I can play all my metal riffs live for my recordings.

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Bolton construction
Dot inlay
Mahogany Oil finish
22 frets
Soap Bar pickup
4 string Gotoh bridge
Black plastic

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The bridge is a string through set-bridge, meaning that the strings are hold in the back of the bridge and not from the back of the body, to the front.
Maybe this is also the reason for its good sound, but I am not sure.
All I know is that I really like this set up.

The specification for the bridge are simple, and it’s an easy to adjust bridge.
Each string has it’s own saddle, which is adjustable in both the octave length and pitch height.
The pitch for me is pretty low, so I can run faster with a lower action on the strings.

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The neck is a bold on with 22 frets.
For a bass, I think it is a thin neck and it plays really well.
At first I had a little string buzz, at the first 5 frets, when I took it from the shop.
But after tuning it somewhat better, the neck on this bass plays really well.
There are 4 strings on it; I wanted to go for a 5 string at first just to get some more freedom to play.

When I played on this one, I didn’t need the 5th string, so I stayed with just 4.
Because if I wanted to go lower in its sound, I could still add a thicker string to is, and tune it somewhat down to get the heavier sound.

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The body is a 3 piece Mahogany Oil finish, which is very light in weight.
I like that about guitars, and I also want this on my bass, so when I had this one on my lap, I was amazed by its weight.
Still the body has good sustain to it, even with the smaller body shape.
I mean, I have played some basses before and those where heavy, and had a bigger body…but there was less sustain to those body’s.

The comfort cut is also nice at the back of this body.
Now the body isn’t pointing in my ribs, and still I leave some free space so I could reach around the body playing on the stings.

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For the electronics, there are two knobs volume and a tone.
Like my guitars, I don’t use the tune knob that much.
And on this bass, while using the tone, it takes away the attack on the strings.
Because of this, I screwed the pickup very close to the strings to keep its attack.
And because the pickup has a high output, I can keep play with a heavier sound.

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The Bass is simple but works well for what I need it for.
The strings are D'Addario Chrome Bass light from .040, .060, .075 and .095 and I tuned this bass down one half step now for my current recordings.
No guitar strep is added since I only used of for my studio recordings so fare.

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