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Over the years I have works with different people and a lot of different projects.
One of the first bands I was in was called "Radioactive", We played cover
songs from our favorite bands, wrote some of our own but never recorded anything.

Somewhere in 2007 I believe, a buddy and I recorded some songs and we where starting to form a band together called "Evil Conspiracy", this band was a mix of all sorts of styles and music.
Some of those demo songs ended up in my own CD recordings.

Between the recordings and projects I did, I made an instructional guitar DVD called “Flawless Victory”, with a follow up “Holes of Silence”.
In my free time I started to record some small song recordings, and posted them on “my space” and some mp3 streaming websites.
Because those sites needed some cover pictures, I also made the covers for those recordings and those became “my records”.

Between the two DVD’s I recorded a song called “Me and my twin brother”

where the solo part starts with a simple harmonic part of two guitars playing the melody, with a cross-over to a power chord pattern with some sweet soloing of fast notes and sweeping licks.
For that solo part, I recorded a little video, and got many questions about the stuff I was playing in that song for that reason I made the second part of the DVD, where I explain some of the licks that I do in that song.

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product of a sick mind name banner
Product of a sick mind 2 CD

Evil Conspiracy
Product of a sick mind:

01. Product of a sick mind
02. Daughter Of Doom
03. Dragon’s Tongue
04. Flawless Victory
05. Dreams Of U

Dennis van Campen: (lead) Guitar, Drums
Mario Eleveld: (Bass) Guitar, Keyboard

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Silver fish name banner
Silver Fish 2 CD

Evil Conspiracy
Silver Fish:

01. Silver Fish
02. Falling Shadows
03. B Ur Self (be a bitch)
04. Get With Both Feet In The Air
05. I Wonder, if she knows (Demo)
06. Who R U (Demo)

Dennis van Campen: Vocals,(lead) Guitar, Drums

Mario Eleveld: Vocals, (Bass) Guitar, Keyboard

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Voices of the forest name banner
Voices of the forest 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Voice of the forest:

01. Voice of the forest
02. Raw Liquid
03. Holes Of Silence
04. Dance Of Life
05. Falling Shadows
06. B Ur Self (B A Bitch)
07. Get With Both Feet In The Air
08. I Wonder (If She Knows)
09. Who R U
10. Toxic-Nightmare
11. Reggae Mon Amour

All songs are written en performed by Denny

Raw Liquid
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The 3 things name banner
The 3 things 2 cd

Raw Liquid
The 3 things that I hate about you:

01. Swimming Tomatoes
02. Stardust
03. Finding shelter
04. Don't waste my time
05. G.T.W.T.F
06. Callus soul
07. Shadows of death
08. The 3 things that I hate about you
09. Angles with a death wish
10. Sail Away

All songs are written en performed by Denny

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Brutal insane madness name banner
Brutal insane madness 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Brutal Insane Madness:

01. One man, Dead night
02. Brutal insane madness
03. Shaped by the bullet
04. Déjà Vu
05. The hunt of the human
06. Skeletons dreams
07. Everlasting reminder
08. In a buzz
09. Elf’s and dwarfs
10. The bow
11. Around my world
12. Two face control freak
13. I feel 4 U (Prince cover)
14. Hyena hell

All songs are written en performed by Denny

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Albino monster Name banner
Albino monster 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Albino Monster:

01. Albino Monster
02. Purple Pain
03. Demons and pearls
04. Dealing with the consequences
05. Embrace the memory
06. Crawling back home
07. Hunting the rainbows
08. Lucky I am not you
09. Connecting the dots

All songs are written en performed by Denny

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Daugter of doom Name banner
Daugter of doom 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Daughter Of Doom:

01. Arabian knights of the sleeping mountain*
02. Straight Up my way
03. Classical Etude
04. Japanese Xylophone ADHD
05. Symphonic Orchestra
06. Victim of the shadow
07. Snake eye
08. Can I return this?
09. Time will tell it's lie
10. New Found fear
11. Screams of the past
12. The forgotten future
13. I am blond, I have no clue

All songs are written en performed by Denny, except Where * is marked.
* also with Esteban Vilches Y Kolkman

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Acoustic History Name Banner
Acoustic History 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Acoustic History:

01. This One
02. Seven impossible days
03. Every Rose has a thorn
04. When I first kissed you
05. Miles Away
06. Angle of my heart
07. Who is the one
08. Shine
09. Every time I look at you
10. I can’t stop the rain
11. Cold
12. Easy thing
13. Tomorrow
14. Mad world

All songs are performed by Denny

This is one of the latest projects that I started to be working on half 2012.
All songs are covers from my favorite artists played on the acoustic guitar, and singed by me.
Songs are from, Robby Valentine, Tears for fears, Peter Criss, Kip Winger, Richie Kotzen, Kiss, HHK, Joey Tempest, Extreme, Paul McCartney and Paul Gilbert.

All the songs are recorded in my home studio "Purple Peach Generation Studio".
The instruments I used are the Washburn D10, Washburn WD10s 12 string, Ibanze EP7, Hohner Pro Harp in G, Toontrack Ezdrummer, Stage Tambourine and Percussion Egg, Shure Beta 57a Microphone, and the AKG perception-200 Microphone for all the vocal parts.

All guitars are wired with D'addario strings .012 and tuned down one half step, except for Every Rose has a thorn, I tuned the guitar in A440 standard tuning, so I could use my Hohner Pro Harp in G on the solo parts.

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Acoustic Universe Name Banner
Acoustic Universe CD

Raw Liquid - Acoustic Universe:

01. Why
02. Mamma Said
03. Interface
04. Tequila Sunrise
05. Here I Go Again
06. High
07. Three Time Rana
08. Hands of Time
09. Stand
10. Sometimes It Snows In April
11. Hello Again
12. Blood Money
13. Silent Man
14. Hope of Deliverance
15. Hard Luck Woman
16. Love will keep us alive
17. We Are One
18. Wanted Dead or Alive
19. Wind of Change
20. I’m Not So Tough
21. Right Next Door
22. I would Stay

All songs are performed by Denny

This is the second acoustic theme project CD I have been working on over the last year.
The idea was the same, take some of my favorite songs and cover them into a acoustic version in a style that I like the most.
Still I wanted to keep the idea's simple with just Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar, percussion and me on vocals.
But will recording, I came across some amazing new vocal pedals by TC-Helicon and they challenged me to get it up one level more.

My previous acoustic project, was done under a little time pressure and wasn't really finished in the way I had in mind, but in this time I had more time to record the whole project, so it has giving me the more authentic and professional sound I was looking for.

The big challenge was Interface, since it is in a tuning I would have never used before.
Again the songs are a collection of some acoustic and none acoustic originals, but transformed into an overall feeling of the acoustic atmosphere.
Some songs turned out to have a "Wild west - western" idea flavor, but keeping the original idea in mind, so you will still know which song it is.
Song come from artists like: the Eagles, Kiss, Dream Theater, Marty Friedman, Robert Cray, Whitesnake, Paul Gilbert, Prince, Richie Kotzen and many others.

At the moment I am working on some tutorials for some of these songs, and they will be added in a later moment at my acoustic song section.

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Back to to future 1Name Banner
Back to the furture 1 CD

Raw Liquid
Backto the future of the 80’s metal:

01. Somebody’s Watching Me
02. I won’t let you down
03. Do you really wanna hurt me
04. Straight Up
05. Be my baby
06. Don’t you want me baby
07. Smalltown Boy
08. Don’t leave me this way
09. Always there
10. The only way is up
11. Shy Shy

All songs are performed by Denny

This idea for some typical ’80 songs re-recorded into some metal version came from the Straight up version I did some years ago.
For fun I did the Rockwell – Somebody’s watching me, and then I relished this is a nice concept to do with all sorts of ’80 songs.
So there is was with the title Back to the future of the 80’s metal part 1.

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Moral Compass Name Banner
Moral Compass CD

Raw Liquid - Moral Compass:

01. U.S.M.A.G.R.N
02. Do you want any blues with that apple-pie?
03. Ballroom Bitches*
04. Life Code
05. Moral Compass
06. Serendipity
07. R U Really that stupid?*
08. Needles in my eye*
09. Sugar Bomb*
10. Snake Spit*

This CD project I called Moral Compass, 80% of the songs where written over the last 20 years, with me being in a lot of anger and mix emotions.
When I listened to them at one time, I relished the concept of all the songs.
I put them together and the CD Moral Compass was born.
And I case you wonder what U.S.M.A.G.R.N means:

Unemployed Social Media Addicted Gay Retarded Narcissist

All songs are written en performed by Denny, except where * is marked.
* also with Alex - Drum , Barry - Keyboard , Nick - Bass

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Back to to future 2 Name Banner
Back to the furture 2 CD

Raw Liquid
Backto the future of the 80’s metal 2:

01. Wonder world
02. Crucified
03. Let’s Get Loud
04. What’s Up
05. S.O.S
06. Runing in the family
07. She works hard for her money
08. To many broken hearts in the world
09. What ever you want
10. Hello
11. Girl you know it’s true
12. I love your smile
13. Mr Blue
14. Down Under
15. Do you believe in love

All songs are performed by Denny

Like the movie, there had to be a part 2 of the Back to the Future of the 80’s metal concept.
New songs to cover, and I took it a level higher this time.
Heavy and melodic, with an unexpected song selection.

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Taxidermy name banner
Taxidermy CD

Raw Liquid - Taxidermy:

01. Diamondback Rattler
02. Bring me back home (where I belong)
03. Hellhound is on your trail
04. Lot's of towns
05. Bullet Proof
06. There is venom on my guitar strings
07. Taxidermy
08. Whiskey Chain reaction
09. When time will tell and make a change
10. Tequila Mississippi Dancer
11. Gunslinger
12. Slide Guitar Posse
13. Wild Montana Crossroad
14. Cherokee buffalo skull

All songs are performed by Denny

This is my first full blown blue-rock type of record which I am working on at this moment, It took me a while to write some songs because of the open tuning that is used on these songs.
All songs are played on both of my Washburn resonator guitars plus the slide and me on vocal,
It is still a work in progress, but this all ready one of my best projects I worked on.
Keep your eyes open to the updates and news page, plus my FaceBook page, where I will post any updates regarding this project.

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Flawless victory Name banner
Flawless victory 2 DVD

Raw Liquid
Flawless Victory:

The idea of making this DVD came from a friend of me, once we did some Jam session online and later some guitar lessons.
I found out that the question he asked me, where the most common questions I got on my website about my way of playing.

So from there the idea of making some instructional DVD was born.
In this part, I mostly talk about warm-up's, exercises  to build some strength and dexterity in your left hand.

All simple licks and tricks but very effective.
This turned out to be a big wanted guitar instructional DVD in Japan.

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Holes of silence name banner
Holes of silence 2 DVD

Raw Liquid
Hole of Silence:

This was the second instructional DVD I made a year later and this was more focused on technique, shapes and style.
Also I continued explaining some parts that I left out in the first DVD.
Plus, I did the explanation on the solo from "me and my twin brother", which I some simple harmony solo between two guitarist, that later turned out into some speedy solo part and some nice chord playing.
Again, this DVD was wanted big time by my Japanese followers, and I did some good credit there....Thanks Japan....I love you.

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Me and my twinbrother name banner Ultra Magnetic Trouble Atractor Banner
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