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In June 2012 I started to look for an acoustic 12 string guitar for a acoustic tribute record that I was working on, and since I love all the Washburn acoustic guitars for there reliable playability and warm stable tone, Washburn would be the best for all the 12 string parts that I needed to record.
I turned to the Heritage series of Washburn after testing different models.

Don't let your self be fooled by the looks, because your first impression of this guitar would maybe be as a “Cheap guitar”, but the playability is totally different
The guitar gives you a robust, warm, deep, aged, whiskey-voice sounding guitar.

This is I think because of the choose of woods they made to build this guitar,

because it is an one of a kind sound that I can't find in any other brand and there 12 string guitars.
I all ready started to record some songs, but when I had this Washburn added in my collection, I re-recorded some of the sounds simply because the little extra that this guitar gives to your tone and song recordings.
So when you are looking for a good sounding 12 string guitar, you must try this Washburn Heritage WD10s 12 string.
It is worth spending your money on, and it will save you a lot of recording trouble.
I am just loving it.

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Mahogany/rosewood, satin finish
White dot's
Mahogany, Alaskan Sitka Spruce
20 medium Frets
Rosewood and Bone Saddle

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The neck is build from mahogany in an quarter sawn scalloped bracing with an satin finish with the 12 string Washburn head with the logo and style inlay.
The fretboard is an 25.5” Scale rosewood and for both the neck and headstock, these are with the pearl white binding.

The truss rod is tied up for a very low action on the strings, so I won't run into some problems with the bar-chords at the higher end of the neck.
The head is set with 6x6 chrome die cast tuners, and this makes the guitar look complete.

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This guitar gets his warm sound because if the dreadnought style mahogany sides and back woods and Alaskan Sitka spruce of solid Cedar Top, which make an overall light weight, but full sounding sustain tone.
The sound support bridges inside the body are placed in a specific position, so you’ll get a different tone nation on the lower strings then on the higher strings.
The full rage of the sound, is really open and bridge warm for recordings and live performances.

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I tuned the guitar down 1 half step now, because I used it on some acoustic project I was working on.
I have also tried to tune it down 1 whole step, and the cool thing about the guitar is, that I can do both tunings without getting any buzz on the strings and frets.

In both tunings, it’s a somewhat easier to play this guitar, because there is less tension on the strings, and since you have to work with more strings now….I less hard working for your fret-hand to play the stings.

For recoding, I used both the Shure Beta 57a microphone and the Dean Markley pickup, you can read about those at the Gear section.
But the combination of those with this guitar, really brings out the warm tone of this guitar.

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“ Acoustic History”
Check the Media section for more details.

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The guitar really fits in the recording project for the overall warm input of sounds.
So if you are looking for some great sounding 12 string acoustic guitar, you have to try the Washburn WD10s Heritage series and you will be blown away by it’s sounds.
You can hear this guitar on my “Acoustic History” project and in the tutorial section if you like.
The strings on this guitar and the D’addarion EJ36 80/20 bronze strings, for the warm and stable tone. I didn’t’ really add a strap to this guitar, because until now I didn’t need any since I am just recording now…and the strap will be in my way when I am playing the guitar.

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