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This here is my Nuno Bettencourt Washburn N2 Model.
I have this one since 2005, just because I am a big Nuno Bettencourt Fan.
I saw him in that same year at a Concert/Clinic in The Hague.
Nuno played over 4 hours of his best songs, people from the audience got on stage to rock with Nuno and his band Population 1/Dramagods.
At the end of the show they played the song called “exit”, a true rock some with an amazing solo.
Nuno and band were on tour as an opening act to the Queen tour in 2005.
The unique thing about this guitar is, when you look at it you will see that the horn of the guitar looks out of shape.
But for some reason you don’t noticed this when you play the guitar.

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The Neck on this guitar is a natural finish maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and has 22 jumbo frets.
The head is a 14" pitch-angled reverse head stock with chrome hardware die cast tuners, and it has the Signature name of Nuno Bettencourt on it.

The head looks pretty amazing, and makes this guitar look like a real rock guitar.
The neck access is somewhat different that the N4 model of Washburn.

At the N4 there is a Stephen’s extended cutaway 5-bolt neck joint.
With gives a better access to the neck, but in this N2 model traditional bold on neck, which is a little bit of a downside because it doesn't' really play comfortable at the higher position of the neck.

And it took me a while to get used to it, but now it feels fine to my hand.
The radius is also somewhat different, Still flat enough to play those amazing Nuno Bettencourt fast licks, but I am still hoping to lay my hands on one original Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt model.


Maple/rosewood reversed head
White dot inlay
Alder oil finish
Jumbo Frets
Seymour Duncan '59
L500 Bill Lawrence
3 way
Washburn 600s Floyd-rose
Locking system

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The pickups mounted in this guitar are a L500 Bill Lawrence pickup at the bridge and a Seymour Duncan '59 at the neck.
The 3-way switch at the lower end of the guitar horn, enables you to set the neck in the bridge, neck of a combination of both pickups.
The bridge pickup brings a funky fender twang sound, and when you switch it to the bridge pickup you'll get somewhat a more aggression to the sound so you will get more in to that typical 80's rock sound of the extreme music.

The nice thing about this guitar pickups set up, is that it is wired with a push pull volume know, which gives you an out of phase type of sound to your pickup configuration, which works really great for the funky riff guitar playing in the styles of Nuno Bettencourt.
The bridge is a Washburn 600s Floyd Rose tremolo system, always stays in a good tune, and the you can lock the tremolo arm so it will stay in it's place while you are playing.

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Like I said, the configuration is a little different when you compare this guitar to the Washburn N4 series.
For one the neck access is somewhat different, but also the choose of wood.
Still I believe this guitar has a good clear alder wood and will give you all the sustain that you need from a 80's rock guitar like this.
When you make use of the push pull volume know, you can really hear the clearness of this alder wood.
The deepness will really come out, especially when the guitar is tuned in a dropped D tuning.
Another thing about this guitar is the body shape, because of the body shape of this guitar, the over all guitar looks somewhat slimmer that any other guitar, which also make this guitar play a little lighter and this works really great when playing live gigs with this guitar.

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This guitar is tuned down a half step, and because of this I use a set of 0.10 now in this guitar.
So I can keep the tone I want to have.
I use the down tuning, since I found out that most of the Bettencourt songs are tunes this way, and now it is  easier to play along with some of his songs.

what I also added to the guitar is the Dimarzio Clip-lock 5" inch strap, which I have all the way down, so that the guitar will hang below my hip while I am playing, works great.......Looks cool!!!!

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