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Around ‘93 Steve was recording his Sex & Religion record with Devin Townsend on vocals, in this same time he and Ibanez also started on a new model called the jem7vwh better known as the Steve Vai EVO guitar.
In the time that I was working on my Jem7bsb guitar, I asked my local music store if they were able to get me an original Ibanez Jem7vwh neck so I could build some models myself.
From there I started to collect the remaining parts.
I had some Alder wood left from a previous project, so I was set to go.
Why I didn’t bought an original Jem7vwh, I don’t know, sure it would have saved me a lot of trouble and time building it myself, but it turned out to be a true beautiful guitar, and I really learned a lot on the specifications on this guitar.

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Ibanez jem7VWH configuration


Jem7vwh ebony
pearl tree-of-life inlay
Jem style
Dimarzio Evolution humbucker
Dimarzio Evolution single coil
Dimarzio Evolution humbucker
5 way
Lo-pro Edge System
Locking system

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I had the neck and I could start looking for the remaining parts.
For the pickups I found somebody in the UK who could help me with some unique set of Dimarzio Evolution pickups.

Any stocked Dimarzio humbucker Pickup would be with metal finished magnet pots, and the ones he could offer me where with gold magnet pots, which fitted better in the overall look for this guitar since the rest of all the hardware is also in a gold finish.

He also helped me with the Dimarzio EP1104 5-way pickups selector.
If you are interested in the wiring diagram for a Dimarzio set with this switch, this is the diagram I used.

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The Body is made of Alder wood.
For building the Jem7bsb body I had ordered some Jem guitar templates, which I also used for this project.
The routing was done all by hand, and after it was all sanded and done, the body was ready for paint.
I fount a company in my city, who were specialized in spray-painting musical instruments.

For the clear-coat they used some Piano coating and this brings the white color jump out, the sustain of the body remains and it looks amazing.
To mach the neck headstock, they used its finish as a sample for the body and the color has become really beautiful.

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Ibanez jem7vwh Neck

Like I said before, this is one Original Ibanez Jem7vhw neck, and my first neck with the Tree of life inlay, so it has all the Jem signature features.

The neck is a 25.5” scale maple/walnut bold-on neck with 24/6105 frets, on a rosewood fretboard with pearl/abalone vine (tree of life) inlay, the last 4 frets are scalloped.
Gold Ibanez tuners and locking nut system, and a pearl truss rod cover.

The neck has a 430 radius, which gives a really nice feel to your playing.
The strings that I use on this guitar are the 0.09 set. (0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42)

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Ibanez jem7vwh Parts

I really love the Floyd system and it as become a big part in my playing.
And what ever I play or whenever I abuse the tremolo, it will stay in tune.
For this bridge I have used at first 4 springs in the back, but there was too much tension on my 0.09 strings.

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On this guitar I used the White Dimarzio Clip-lock strap, and the guitar doesn't only look cool it also plays very well, long sustain and high tonality output, that can gives you that real Steve Vai Sound and look.

The recordings that I did with this guitar was mind blowing clean and tight.
The low action in the strings enables me to make some sweet tones and nice melodies.
A must have for any Vai fan.

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