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I have this Ibanez RBM10sol guitar since 06-16-1996.
This is the signature model of Reb Beach, the guitarist from Winger, Dokken, and Whitesnake.
The first time I saw this guitar was when I saw the “cutting loose” instruction video of Reb Beach.
I had this video because I got interested in the Winger band since I saw an interview with Lars Ulrich of Metallica, in which he said something about some band in the ’80/’90 that he saw as them “band competitions” meaning; that those bands where selling more records that the Metallica band did in that time.
Because I was a big Metallica fan, I was wondering why Lars said he saw them as a competition.

By watching this video, I know what Lars was talking about.
Reb had a unique style and technique which really got me, especially his two-handed tapping.
I really like the speed with which goes over the strings, with his really nice licks.
This man has some chops!!!

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RBM maple/rosewood
White dot inlay
Koa Mahogany Oil finish
Medium frets 
Ibanez SB10
Ibanez SB10
Ibanez HB10
5 way and toggle switch
Lo-pro Edge system
Locking system

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The cool thing about this guitar is the configuration of the pickups.
With the toggle switch you are able to split the Humbucker signal in two double single coil pickups, which gives you that nice clean sound at the bridge end, and with the 5 way switch you can make different combinations using the Hum-channel or the split-channel, and this works really well for both lead and rhythm.

This is also a great "tool" when you put some delay on your guitar signal, and when you go back and forward with the toggle switch, you'll get that repeatable on/off sound that can give you some very cool sounds-scrapes and melodies.

Both the middle and neck pickup are doubled bar single coils, that gives balanced mid and low, with a little High at the fare end.
In the second to last neck switch position, you'll get a combination with both, and this works for me the best for some clean sweeping and extreme leads.

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The Body is made of a Mahogany Koa wood from Brazil and the jack-out is in the cut away back end, with a good lock so your cable won’t drop out while you are playing.
The body is a clear Sol color, which is an oil and wax finish for a very clear look and protection on the wood.
This guitar is very light in weight and has a really nice action on the strings, very nice to play on.

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Originally this guitar was set up with the Ibanez Low Pro TRS bridge, but I never really liked the bridge and over the years it had to take a lot of abuse from me and I broke one of the pin-holders from the bridge.

So when I had the chance, I changed the bridge in to Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge, and this works so much better for my playing now.
The bridge is somewhat lower than the other bridge now it is no longer in the way of my picking hand.
Plus the tool to fine-tune the guitar will fit in this bridge.

On the new bridge I did some small modifications, so that I could use it in the lowest string action possible on the guitar.
This was something I could never do on the old version bridge.
The springs in the back are three straight springs, for a nice floating feel.

Because of the cut away at the back of the body, it seems like the bridge can be even lower into the body that a traditional system.
And this will give me more space to get wackier sounds and tricks.
And this will give me more space to get wackier sounds and tricks.

If you want to know a little more about this set up, see the guitar tutorial page for some nice ideas, for what you can do with a bridge set up like I have on this guitar.
It will blow you mind.

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The neck is made of 1pc Bolivian rosewood. The fret board is a 22-fret maple with medium frets.
Those frets are easy to play on this neck, and as Reb said you won’t get stuck on the fret board!
I love the look and sound of this guitar.
And this plays truly amazing.
The radius is really slim, and I think this is the thinnest neck Ibanez ever made.
And it is so stable, that no matter how much I abuse the guitar, it stays perfectly tuned up.
The thinness of the neck works really good on any style of playing, but especially if you are a shred head like me.
Still this works great for the chord playing, and you'll have an outstanding sustain throughout.

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The design of the body is made Reb is maybe strange to the eye, but it is a very cool guitar.
On this guitar I use The DR strings from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42
For the strap you’ll see the added black Dimarzio clip-lock strap.

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