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This is the Custom Ibanez Jem777gmc, which I started to build in 03-10-2005.
I wanted to make this guitar once seeing this guitar at the guitar Expo ’92 where Steve Vai was playing this guitar, the only thing was….I wanted to make it a bit different from what the original was.
I found someone on eBay who was selling a green swirled Jem Body, did some bidding and won the body; once it was shipped to me I could start to make some modifications to the body.

I asked Christopher Wood to build me a Jem maple neck, with the green tree of life inlay, but he made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.
He was working on some neck projects, which included some LED’s in the neck

inlay like Steve Vai was using on his Bad Horse Jem’s.
So after a few weeks, the neck was shipped to me and it looked amazing with the led’s in the tree of life inlay and at the edge of the fretboard, all I needed to do was installing an on/off switch and battery holder into the body and I was ready to go.

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Custom Maple
Led with green tree-of-life
Maple green/black swirl
6105 frets
Dimarzio Evolution Humbucker
Dimarzio Evolution single
Dimarzio Evolution Humbucker
5 way
Lo-pro Edge system
Locking system

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The neck is a 3 piece maple back with a maple fretboard.
The inlay is a green pearl Tree-of-life inlay with LED’s at the 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,17,19,21 and the 24th fret’s.

The LED’s are connected to a 2-way on/off switch, which is drilled from the jack-spacing at the back of the guitar.
Since the staff’s of the pots were very small, I was able to hide the 9-volt battery under the cavity plate between the volume and tone pots.

The wires from the Led’s come from the neck heal, right into the neck pickup position, though up-until the jack spacing.
From there two wire goes back to the cavity space, connected to the battery.
The cool thing is, you don’t really see the Led’s, untill you pop the switch.

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The strap, pots and pickups are from the same guy in England who always helps me with those parts.
The bridge is a Lo-pro edge Cosmo black and is just from some eBay bidding, the tuners, knobs, pickguard, locking nut, switch for the pickups, and an on/off switch of the LED’s are from the Music Maniacs.

I used a Dimarzio EP1104 5 way switch to wire the pickups, and for the volume and tone pot’s I used the Ibanez 3VR1J500G 500Kohms-G and the 3VR1J500D 500Kohms-D.
For the pickups I used a 2 Dimarzio Humbucker set of Evolution and an Evo single.
For this I have used the same wiring diagram, just because the wiring is the same as the Ibanez jem7vwh I have done.
The Volume, Tone knob and switch cap are Original Ibanez parts from Indonesia found on eBay.
There pretty cool looking at the same color body.

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The body is a two-peace ash wood; which is a very light would and gives a really great sound to the guitar.
I also think that the paint and coating on this body, is giving the sound an extra attitude.
When you listen to it, it sounds really clean, and when you’ll add a heavy distortion to the sound, you can still hear the clean sound from the body.

Over all it’s a pretty unique looks on this body.
Maybe because there is a little color of white in the green and blacks swirl.
This gives the body a very clear look.Along with the Cosmo black hardware, this guitar gets a really great feeling and look.

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Neck Style: Ibanez JEM
Head stock shape: Ibanez JEM
Number of strings: 6
Scale length: 25.5 scale
number of frets: 24
Fret wire: 6105
Inlay: green Tree of life and Led’s
Nut width: 43mm nut
Heel width: 57mm at fret-24
Bolt on / through body: Bolt on
Finish: Black
Wood: three-piece maple neck
Fretboard wood: Maple

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The strap is the green Dimarzio clip-lock, and the strings are a Blue steal Dean Markley 0.09 set of strings, which are: 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32 and 0.42.
Thanks to Christopher Wood for this amazing build custom neck.
This isn’t a 100% like the original jem777gmc, but it turned out to be a one of a kind custom project.
Really love the tone and sound of this guitar.

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