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This is my Ibanez Pgm30jb that I “won” on eBay in 05-09-2004.
It is said that this is a little bit of a rare guitar and a real collators item, because it is said that there are only 13 of these guitars worldwide.
I am not sure about this fact, sins I have seen on the official Ibanez magazines that those where sold in the same days that the Pgm30wht was sold in Japan, but anyway.

I was looking around on eBay once, since I am a big Paul Gilbert fan I wanted to bid on this guitar to add it to my collection.
So I made a bid and in my screen eBay said: “Dear Jem777, you are currently the high bidder for the following eBay item from, item number: 3722212534”.

I needed to check the bidding every day, sins there where a few days left and I didn’t wanted to let this guitar pasted me by.
I guess there was also another Gilbert fan who wanted this guitar, because I needed to raise my bidding until I was finally the highest bidder, and finally I “won” the guitar.
The very friendly Japanese seller sent me an E-mail in which he told me that he would ship the guitar the next working day, and I had it on 05-17-2004.
Along with this guitar he shipped me a gig back and a strap with the guitar as a special gift.
Once I plugged in this guitar I was blown away by its sound, because I expected this guitar to sound the same as my PGm30wht but somehow this guitar sounded a bid different

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white dot inlay
PGM Basswood
Jumbo frets 
5 way
Low Pro TRS
SystemLocking system

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This bridge is a same IBZ Low Pro Edge Floyd bright, like I have on my PGM30wht.
On this Floyd system I added an extra spring at the back of the body, so the bridge would be looked into the body, so it would give me the feeling of a set bridge, since I am not using the tremolo bar for this guitar.
Plus it will provide me an lower action on the neck and strings, without having an annoying buzz all over the neck.
This is now perfectly balanced to get me an smooth setup, Still I can use the fine-tuning system at the bridge end, which I really like.

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The neck provides an easy access to all the 24 /Jumbo frets.
The body is made of Basswood with a Jewel blue color. (This color is now discontinued!)
Total the guitar is only 3,4 Kgs. (nice and solid weight)
They are some very cool sounding pickups on this guitar; 1 IBZ f1 (Humbucker), 1 IBZ infs1 (single coil), and an IBZ inf2 (Humbucker).
For some reason I have a really nice clear sound from those pickups, and when I play with distortion I will get this same unique sound Paul gets from his guitar and amps.
The Controls (the volume knob and the 5 way selector switch) are hidden in the F hole.

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The neck on this guitar is different then my white PGM30.
This one is a 1 piece maple reverse head stock 24-fret neck. (Some people say this neck is a better neck then the original Wizard neck.).
This neck is thinner radius, and plays lightning fast.
A rosewood fret board with dot inlays and locking system.
Many people asked me, why I was still using the locked string nut system, since I lock my bridge and I am not using the tremolo-arm, well there is only one answer…..I love the fine-tuning screws on the bridge.
It gives me a better tuning feel, and because of this I am still locking my strings.

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The shape is the RG Style Ibanez body, but with the Paul Gilbert Signature F-holes added to the body.
The basswood give a really nice tone to this guitar, and the sustain is extremely.
The only little downside to it is the jack, since I really love the jem style jack inputs, but this would be a manor thing, because this is one of my favorite guitars since it really fits in my style of playing.

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This guitar is set-up with Ernie ball slinky strings from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42.
On my other guitars I use for most of them the DR strings or the Blue steal Dean Markley.
I needed a new pack of strings, and I could only find those Ernie ball strings, and once I added them on this guitar, I was in love right away and for some reason, I never had my traditional stings back on this guitar, and I stayed with those Ernie ball slinky strings.
I really love the sound of those, especially when you bend some strings, they stay perfect in tune.
If you want to hear some sounds of this guitar, go to the official Paul Gilbert or Racer X site, there you can her Paul Gilbert play some of his great licks on this guitar.
I’ll try to put some audio/video in my media section on this site, so you’ll get an idea of the sound of this beautiful guitar.

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