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This here is my Ibanez Euphoria Ep7, the first signature acoustic that was released by Ibanez for Steve Vai.
For years I was looking for this guitar and once I had the money to buy one, Ibanez stopped making those guitars.
They were working on a new Euphoria model with Steve, but once it was released to the public I was a bit disappointed by the way it turned out to be, to look was so different.
And to my eyes, it totally lost its beauty.

One day I was looking around, to see if there was some one who was offering this guitar on eBay.

New or a secondhand Ibanez Ep7, was with the shipping cost and tax fee still over my budget for now.
Where ever I looked, there was no Ibanez Ep7 that was reachable with my amount of money.
And when I reached the point of giving up, I received an email from a friend (Frank).
And he offered me the best deal ever.

He knew that I was a collector of rare and unique guitars, and he also know that I would die for an Ibanez EP7.
He offered some best deal ever; he asked me if I was interested to buy his Ibanez Ep7 and I took his offer.
3 weeks later, I drove to his house to pick up this Ibanez Ep7 beauty.
The guitar was still in a very new state, since he never played the guitar and it was only hanging on his wall.
I played for a few minutes, and I was already in love with this guitar.

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Ibanez EP7 configuration


Green Tree of Life
Resonant forest green
B-Band UST A5 Preamp
B-band UST a5 preamp
Rosewood, custom Euphoria pins
Ivorex II Nut and saddle

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Ibanez EP7 5 band preamp
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The EP7 has pickup and preamp by B-BAND, one of the most respected names in acoustic guitar electronics.
Unlike the ordinary piezo pickups, the B-BAND UST has high-tech electric film with “microscopic lens like” gas bubbles.
It conveys string vibration directly to the output sound and results in ultimate clarity with perfect balance among the strings.
The UST matches the A5 preamp with 4 band EQ, allowing Vai to create any sound he desires.
The notch frequency and depth controls eliminate feedback as well.

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Ibanez EP7 Forest Green
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I really loved the resonant forest green on the body along with the 2 pearl color tree-of-life inlay in the neck.
The New Ibanez Ep9 body was finished in a resonant root beer color with yellow pearloid tree-of-life inlay.
To my opinion, that was a standard color for any other traditional acoustic guitar, and it has lost the beauty that the Ibanez Ep7 had.
The Resonant forest green body has a brass rosette with the Steve Vai logo also known as the Light without head logo.
On the inside of the body, there you see the label with the serial number of this guitar with an autograph of Steve Vai.
On the bridge you’ll see the custom Euphoria bridge pins which feature gold rings as an added accent while holding the strings into the body.

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The mahogany neck rosewood fret board is set with a 2 color Pearl green tree-of-life inlay.
The fret board is set with a 24 frets, and is easy accessible because of the cut-away in the body.
The neck is set with an Ivorex II Nut and saddle.
When you look at the saddle at the bridge, you’ll see that at the B string, the saddle is “out of line” with the outer strings.
This is for a better tuned sound on the B string.
Just like the Wave-frets that you can see on one of the Steve Vai Jem’s, which he used during the Ultra Zone Tour.
At the head you can see the satin gold grover tuning machines with brown pearl button.
This looks very unique and does bring the beauty out in this guitar.

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Ibanez EP7 Spotlight 3
Ibanez Ep7 photo 2

I used this guitar for some recordings now, and the B-Band works really great.
And I really like to use it in combination with the Shure Microphone, so you'll get really an stereo feel with a very warm tone with a wide range of sounds.

I use the Elixer 0.10 Strings on this guitar, and now days I have it tuned down a half step, since I had to sing on some of the songs I am recording.
No strap in attached to this guitar since I never needed any for his.

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Ibanez EP7 Spotlight
Ibanez EP7 Video
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When I was about 15 years old I focused heavily on playing acoustic guitar for a
year or so, I have owned many acoustics since then but like my electric guitars there were elements I wanted in the design that I could not find in any acoustic.
I knew the day would come when I would have the opportunity to be a part of an acoustic design that would rock my world.
Ibanez and I spent many hours honing in on creating an acoustic that would merge the beauty and integrity of the Jem’s while sounding great as a stand alone or plugged in instrument.
I always felt that quilted maple was gorgeous and with the Tree of Life inlay, brass rosette, mahogany neck, Rosewood Bridge and fret board, satin gold grover tuners and abalone headstock, I feel we crafted a very fine looking and sounding acoustic guitar.One of the big issues I have always had with acoustics is the pickups that have been used.
Never really heard a great one until we came across the B-Band® UST™ Pickup coupled with the B-Band® A5 built in EQ. This guitar sounds phenomenal acoustically or plugged in.
It's a dream to play and isn't living dreams what this business is all about?" - Steve Vai

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