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Since 25 January 2014 is this my main bass guitar for all my recordings.
I came across this bass by accident since I wasn’t really looking for another, but the previous owner was selling it so cheap that I couldn’t let it go.
Over the years that I had done all my recordings with the Dean edge 9, but especially during the Acoustic history and Acoustic Universe I really run into some recording issues with that bass.
So when I got the opportunity to get this one, my problems disappeared instantly.

In early 2005 we used a bass like this for the recordings on both Product of a sick mind & Silver Fish, and I was amazed by its sound for both the clean and distorted sound, the bass is good for any style, From metal to funk or just the mellow sweet

“acoustic” tones.
So it will fit perfect for my type of playing, so for that reason the bass will appear on the second part of the Acoustic universe and the Taxidermy recordings and any project from now on.

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GSR4 Maple Neck Rosewood
Dot inlay
Agathis Mahogany
22 frets
B10 bridge
Black plastic

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The bridge is a set fixed B10 bridge, adjustable to the lowest action possible.
This really gives you a nice feel when you are playing you bass runs.
The nice thing about this low action adjustment is that the bass really open doors for some funky slap bass riffs, without getting any fret buzz noises.
Every hardware is in a chrome finish, and with the string thought option it will be very easy to change your strings when needed.
No back plates need to be unscrewed, run then though and you are ready to go.

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The neck is a low profile 34” inch scale neck providing 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard.
The width of the neck is 41mm at the nut side up until 62mm at the last fret side.

Also you will have a light radius of 305mm, this will give you a perfect balance on the neck and strings to narrow that change for string buzz.
With the good setup on the string action, this fretboard profile really opens doors for any type of playing and I really like this for my bass slapping and bass tapping like.

The thickness runs from 21mm at the 1st fret to 22mm at the 12th fret, this thickness really helps when you are doing some fast-run-licks for your songs, there won’t be any blockade.

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The body is the Agathis Mahogany in the typical Ibanez Nato Shape, contour and covert cuts, very lightweight.
The finish is a deep black high gloss, and the wood gives some nice sustain to your tone.
I believe the body style I like the S series of the Ibanez guitar, since the body is really slim and has got some really nice rounded horns and body contours, to make your playing more comfortable.
The lower horn, has a deep cutaway which gives you a nice excess to all the upper frets and this won't be in your way while playing.

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Bass pickups and electronics
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The electronics’ are two passive PSNDJ pickups, which brings a warm and clear tonality, and they offer you a nice strong output and a constant tone space.
Between them, there is no pickups selector switch, but a volume knob of each and they both share the same tone knob.

By opening or closing each of the volume knob, you can select or mix the two pickups with one another.
This really helps you to find the sound for any style of music you want to play.
The way how I use it in a mix, is a nice sweet spot on the tone know and a selection on both pickups., Works really well for my recordings.

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Yes this is a cheap bass, compared to any other out there on the market, but it’s sound and playability is really song thing else, and you will be amazed by it’s sound.

The set up is done with a set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass strings; .45, .65, .80 and .100
At the moment there is no strap is attached to the bass since in never really needed one, because its only use for recording purposes in my little studio.

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