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In June 2010 I started this project for a few reasons.
First of all, I am a big Richie Kotzen fan, second I was working for the Max Guitar Store since July 2009, and for there YouTube channel I recorded some Product videos.

For those video’s I used my Ibanez RGR321ex, because of the splinted humbucker / single coil sound, but this sound was never to my liking, so I wanted to use a Telecaster for this, and after spending a lot of unlucky time looking for a Richie Kotzen Fender Telecaster, I started to make one my self.
Someone told me about this body on eBay, and the seller lived near by me, so I did the bidding and won.

When you look at this model, you can tell right away that it isn’t 100% like the Spec’s of the Original, for instants there are no comfort cut at the rear and front, and the color is different.
The finish was for me the main reason why I wanted this body, cause I wanted to add all the hardware in gold, and I figured that this would work great in a finish like this

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1 piece maple
Abalone pearl Dots inlay
Solid Alder with aged cream binding.
21 jumbo frets
Dimarzio Chopper T Black
Dimarzio Gold Twang King
Dimarzio Ep1105 3-way switch
Fender Gold Set Bridge
Fender Bone

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The challenge for this guitar was getting the right parts to make it as close as the original.
Because this was one of the first "none-Ibanez" guitar that I build, I had to do some research to get the best parts for this.
On the original signature Richie Kotzen Fender Telecaster there was a bridge that I really liked, and it was somewhat similar to what I have on my Ibanez PGM series guitars, so I did a search for this and I found some original Fender bridge that was used for that guitar.
The bridge looks cool and is my favorite bridges, since this makes your playing some much more fun.

For the tuners I found some original Fender telecaster set with the small tuning heads that I really like.
The electronics plate is also a original fender telecaster Gold version.

The pickguard I have from a local dealer here in the Netherlands, since I could find a original fender pickguard that I wanted to use for this guitar, that still looked good in this setup and color configuration.
The neck plate is a gold fender style – custom engraved neck plate which I found on eBay.
All the remaining parts are all original Fender parts that I found on eBay.

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For the neck, I wanted something special.
I could go on eBay again and try to get a good neck there, but some how I really don’t like the necks listed there.
I do like the Fender Road Worn “60 necks for looks, but I have been told that those necks are really terrible.
So because of this, I got on the Warmoth website and set an order there for a custom neck.

The neck is a Total Vintage construction type neck, with a 7 ” radius playing surface.
Full maple neck and fretboard, Back Contour is the Standard Thin like all original Fender American standards Telecasters, 21/6230 frets because I wanted some small and low frets.
The inlay Dots are Abalone, like the original Richie Kotzen Fender necks, with a White Corian nut.
The headstock as the vintage style tuner holes and the total finish for this neck is a Satin Finish, for a faster and slicker feel.

For the Decals, I did get on eBay again and found someone who could print those waterslide decals, since I wanted to add a custom Richie Kotzen Signature to the neck, like my custom Ibanez RK-1 Richie Kotzen Guitar.
At the front there is this Fender “Telecaster” Richie Kotzen Decal, which looks amazing and at the back you’ll find the Fender Custom Shop Decal and serial number.

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When I started this project, I was thinking about the body and what I would be using for this.
I found a amazing looking Telecaster Body when I was searching for some parts that I needed for some other project I was working on.
I like this body because of it's look and color combination, the body is a Solid Alder Body with a flame book-matched maple top.

The body has this cream-white aged binding, which makes the top really stand out like any vintage guitar.
The finish on the body is a color combination rare to find, the back is a clear transparent Khemri Brown stain color and at the front you’ll see this nice clear aged forest-green finish on the flamed maple, and this really brings out the true beauty of the wood.
All the specifications, shape and form is like any original Fender Telecaster.

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The Electronics are all Dimarzio like the original Richie Kotzen Telecaster.
For this I had a little trouble finding out what was really used on the original guitar, that I contacted the guys from Dimarzio to ask if they where able to help me with some custom set for my guitar.

At the neck position there is a Dimarzio DP172 – Gold Twang King, but at the bridge end you'll see the Dimarzio DP384 – Chopper T, this looks like any standard but it is custom made for me with Gold Rails and Gold Logo like Richie's guitar has, so a big thank you to the guys of Dimarzio for this.
With two Dimarzio EP1200 250k Pot’s with the Dimarzio DM2110G Gold Barrel Knobs, and the Dimarzio EP1105 3-way switch covered with the Dimarzio DM2114 – Telecaster switch knob.
The Capacitor is a .022mFd set on the tone knob.
All these parts I ordered at my favorite local store the MusicManiacs Haarlem, Thanks guys.

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While I was working at Max Guitar, we filmed a product review on the Soldier straps.
These straps have an amazing vintage look, and I figured that this would fit very well on this guitar.
So for this I had to Purple/Green Asian paisley design.
And for the strings I used my standard Blue Steal Dean Markley .009 set.

This turned out to be a great project to work on, and I consider this guitar as a tribute to Richie Kotzen.
And fit really perfect in my collection, next to my other Richie Kotzen guitar.
I guess you have to feel this guitar to understand its playability, and you’ll understand why I started this project.
Thanks to everyone who helped me with some great parts.

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