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This is my Ibanez PGM30wh model and I have this guitar since 1996.
This is a model that was made some where in the early ‘90 for Paul Gilbert.
On this Ibanez there is an Ibanez Low Pro TRS system, which I locked into the body since I don’t use the tremolo-arm on this guitar, just to get the same feel like a set bridge.
I won this guitar in a music contest in the summer of ’96.

I’m a big fan of Paul Gilbert for some what years now.
In that same year that I won this guitar, I was able to meet Paul at a clinic in The Hague. (Den Haag).
There he did an amazing clinic, with allot of great songs, lessons and licks.

On that clinic he was joking around with us, and when he did one of his songs the speaker with the backing track broke down.
But Paul kept playing the rest of the song, while the tech-man was working on the speaker set.
Ones it was up and running again, Paul was still in time with the song.
I was blown away by the version that Paul did on his interpolation of the Paul Abdul song “straight up”.

This was a same idea like Paul later did on the Spice girl song “when 2 become 1” from his Flying dog record.
I loved Paula Abdul, and I was really blown away how this now turned out to be a rock song.
He also did another song on the guitar while he was kicking the bass drum him self.
I am still looking for this clinic in tape; I know its some where out there, since I saw 3 people recording that clinic.

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Maple/rosewood, reversed head
White dot inlay
PGM white with black f-holes
Jumbo frets 
5 way
Ibanez Low Pro TRS system
Locking system

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The Head is giving the guitar a real Hard rock Look.
This guitar is set with the DR strings set from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42.
Since my bridge is “lock” into the body, I had the change to lower my action on the strings somewhat better; I wanted a feel of a set bridge, and if I didn’t lock the tremolo, my strings would buzz over the frets with this lower action.
But since this bridge is locked now, the string pitch is always the same and my strings won’t buzz on the frets and more.

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This series of Ibanez PGM30 guitars all have one of the early days wizard necks Ibanez made.
Only the radius is a little bit different and also it's thickness, the scale of the neck is a II 25.5 scale, and the wizard neck becomes an PGM neck because it is 2 mm thinner than the super-thin neck, which makes this PGM neck an super fast wizard necks.

The neck has the 24 frets on an easy access neck, for comfort playability.
And everything just falls in it's place when you are playing this
guitar, the jumbo frets offers an easy playing for both leads and chord playing.
Amazing sustain, and stable tones with unique low and mid tone's.

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This guitar is made of Basswood Body
Basswood is a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, basswood is right in between alder and mahogany in sound character.

I found out that I use this guitar a lot for the chords and backings that I am recording, simply because of it's tone.
You have gotta love this guitar, and I know when you are a Paul Gilbert fan, you will like it once you played on it.

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Just like the Ibanez PGM30jb I have set the bridge at the lowest position for an low action on the neck.
Since I don't really use the tremolo on both guitars, I set the bridge springs at a very tied screw position, so the Floyd system is more like a set bridge now.
With this I also get more tone from the guitar now, since it is more attached to the body.
And this worked pretty well, and the sustain is mind blowing now.

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The F holes was an idea of Paul from back in the days that he was working with Ibanez in a signature model.
Later when Paul asked Ibanez for a factory made standard RG model, he was blown away by its playability.
So he asked Ibanez to put some painted f-holes on the body, and the reversed head on the neck.

Loose the tone knob, and hide the volume knob and switch in the f-hole.
And the Ibanez Paul Gilbert signature model was born.

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