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This here is my Original Ibanez RGR321EX guitar and I own this one since may 6 2009.
I found this guitar while I was looking for some parts for a custom project I was working on.
At the time, I couldn't find the bridge that I needed and I started to look around at the Ibanez website hoping to find one.
I found this mode and I started to look around when I found this guitar.

I could make a great deal and now it in my collection.
I was looking for a guitar that I could set up and tune in dropped D and leave it that way.

When I needed a guitar in dropped D I used my PGM500CA but once I was done playing, I needed to tune it back in standard tuning.
Now with this guitar in my collection, I can keep it in any strange tuning that I want.

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3pc Wizard II Maple bind neck
White dot inlay
Deep Black
Jumbo frets 
5 way
Fixed Bridge
Black Plastic

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What makes this pickup set so unique,
From neck to bridge you’ll get in the 5th position the neck pickup only.

In the 4th position, you’ll get parallel connected single coil type of split in the same Humbucker and this sound amazing on the clean tone.
On the middle and 3rd position, you get both the neck and bridge pickup.

The 2nd position is another split with out the parallel connection, but only the back of the neck and the front of the bridge pickup.
And in the 1st position you’ll get the bridge pickup only, this is a very clean tone which works fine both with a clean and distorted sounds effect for shred.

It’s a really good set of pickups.
I really like the 4th (second to last neck position) for most of my playing on this guitar, It really brings out the overall shape tones in my lead playing.

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As you can see, it’s a RG shape body, and it’s made of Basswood, plus the body has a white binding.
I own different basswood guitars, and it is so amazing how each body sound so different when you compare them with each other.
If you take a close look to this guitar, I think the deep sound is mostly created by the set bridge, and the two humbucker configuration.
With out the single coil or Floyd-system space, the body is left with some extra wood which give the guitar its uniquely deep sound and tone.

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Like I said, this guitar has a set bridge which is a string through on the body.
The saddles pins needed to be modified a little, because I had a setup on this guitar with a low action on the strings for this guitar.
Because of this the adjustment pins for the saddles were coming out of the top, that is why it needed a little modification on all 12 pins, where I needed to take of some 3 to 4 mm, so that they can't hurt my picking hand while I am playing.
This set up is really great now, with the lowest action on the neck possible.
All the hardware is deep black and stands out really great on the over all look of this guitar.

The volume and tone is no differed then any other Ibanez RG type guitar.
I think the only difference is in the tone knob, because it is directly wired to the 5-way switch, but I am not sure what the main reason is for this, but you can hear some other tone options on the pickups, that what I would have on an other guitar.

The pickups are mounted in the deep black pickups rings, which is maybe the reason of the deep sound of this guitar.
All the finish on the hardware, including the machine head tuners are Deep black.

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The neck is a 25.5 inch 3pc Wizard II Maple neck and has the same type binding at the fret board and head.
There are 24 Jumbo frets and in the way I have set this up, I have a low action in the strings.

The radius is 400mmr, which is something between my Ibanez PGM500CA and an Ibanez Jen neck.
It feels very comfort in my hands while playing chords and is even very accessible for the fast runs.
And with the reversed head the guitar looks really metal-ish.

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For strings I use a 0.10 set of Elixir strings tuned down a half step with a dropped C, which is C#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D#.
I used a 0.10 over a 0.09 because with the down tuned strings the 0.09 would be to sloppy.
And now the tension on the strings is really good and the guitar sounds really deep.

I have this guitar, mainly because of the set way of tuning.
And this works great for now, but I don’t know if I keep it this way….since the deep metal sound is really fitting in some of the two songs I am working on right now.
Those will be posted once there done, at the media section….so you can hear the sound of this guitar.
Also a black Dimarzio clip-lock Strap is added to this guitar.

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