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This is my D10 Washburn, I can’t remember since when I have this one.
I was looking for an acoustic guitar, but I didn’t know what to buy at that time.
When I saw a clip of Extreme with Nuno Bettencourt on MTV on the song “More than words”, I got interested in this guitar.
And asked in a store for that guitar he had played in this song.
They told me that was a Washburn guitar, something like this D10.
I played a little on it and I was in love with it.
It sounds great, and it has a story on its own.
On this guitar I used to have D'Addario strings from 0.10, 0.14, 0.20, 0.28, 0.38, and 0.48.
But a guy from the music store told me that I would be better with some other

strings on the neck.
So he sold me a pack of 0.12 D’Addario, and I have to say he is right; the sound of my guitar 100% better.
When you look at the action on the neck, then you’ll see that the strings are at a middle range action on the neck.
While I am playing chords, this is the best set up to keep a clean sound and tone without any string buzz.
I have tried to put a pickup in this guitar, but I like the sound better with a microphone in front of it when I am recording with this guitar, some how it is giving me a warmer sound.

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Dot inlay
Mahogany Natural/buffed gloss
Stained Mahogany
White plastic

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I always had trouble finding a good acoustic guitar, since I don't really like the profile and radius of most guitar necks.

On this guitar, I found out that the radius is pretty close to what I am used to play when I am play the electric, it feels comfortable and it has a pretty low action on the neck.

I had to adjust the truss rod for this a little, since I play with some heavy strings on it.
The frets are the 6500, and those work just fine for this guitar.

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The body is a Dreadnought Style Select Spruce Top Mahogany sides/back ABS B1.5/IV0.5/B0.5/IV1/B0.5/IV0.5 top binding ABS 1.5mm Black back binding Black magic line butt binding.

And the neck is a Neck Scale 25 1/2" / 650mm 20 Frets Joined at about 14th fret Nato Neck, with a Fingerboard radius 320mm Sonokelin Fingerboard Standard (2.7mm) fret wire.

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The guitar is made in different colors, I didn’t like the black color Nuno was using in the more than words song, and I liked the blue one and this one.
This is a Natural/buffed gloss body Stained mahogany/buffed gloss neck.
As you can see there are no hard ware pickups on this guitar, when I use this one when I am recording, I just put a microphone in front of it.

Ones I tried to set it up with a pick up, but I really didn’t like the sound of that.
Just to hollow, a very pore sound and lost a lot of the body sound.
So I took it out and play with a microphone.

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I really like this guitar, and it is with me for some years now.
Now days I am using this guitar for 90% of the songs that I am recording for a project that I am working on, called "Acoustic History" and the acoustic song tutorials.
Since this guitar has a history on it's own, the title fit's perfectly with the project.

The guitar is tuned down a half step, and I am using a 0.12 set of Elixer strings on it.
The sound really is really extreme, and that is all what this guitar was need for.
I never really needed a strap for this guitar, so I don't use one for now.

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