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This is another model of Reb Beach which I build in march 2005, the guitar it self is very unique because there are only a few made and sold in Japan.
Since I am a big Reb Beach/Winger fan, I wanted to have a guitar like this for a very long time, just because I think that this body looks amazing.
Some times I was able to make a bidding on this guitar at eBay, but never had any success getting one.

But once I won two original Ibanez Reb Beach necks, which I wanted to use for a project like this guitar.
The first time I saw this guitar was just like the voyager in the Cutting loose video.

There (in my eyes) the guitar had a red/purple color, and I wanted to be close to that color when I would spray paint mine.
I found a beautiful apple candy red metallic spray paint which I could use for this body, which would be the closed to the color of the original Reb guitar.
But before I could do any crazy painting, I had to start with the body first, all I had where some pictures which came from Matt Sefton.

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I started with two new pieces of Maple wood of 4,71 cm thick each.
I love the Maple wood, it’s easy to handle and it give out a very good sound once the guitar is done.
The shape of the body was done by simply drawing the shape on the wood and route out all the comfort cuts, pickups spaces and neck pocket first.
The only thing that I had to keep in mind is that the neck pickup will be very close to the neck pocket, so I had to keep the right spacing in between.

Once it was done, I could start with routing for the Floyd system, and since this was a different one that I would normally use, I had to consider the size and space it had to be.
For this I used the same Jem Template I had, and this fits perfectly for this bridge.
Since there wasn't that much space left to make the jack like the Jem Style, I needed to route some lower position jack hole for this.


RBM Maple/Rosewood
White dot inlay
Maple Metallic Apple Candy Red
Medium frets 
Ibanez SB10
Ibanez SB10
Ibanez HB10
5 way
Edge system
Locking system

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For this guitar I used some really great Ibanez USA pickups.
There is 1 Humbucker and two IBZ single coil pickups.
At first I wanted to use some EMG pickups, but in the time that I was building this guitar, I had no clue how to wire those into the body, and I know that I had to leave some space where you can add the battery into the body, and since there was no space left I have to find some pickups which would give me some great sound like the EMG would give me.
I found those pickups at eBay, and they really sound great.
After all, this guitar is really cool and plays really amazing.
So whenever you have the time to listen to Winger and Reb Beach stuff, .........

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Like I said, I wanted to use a Metallic apple candy Reb color on this guitar, and for this I needed to coat it first.
The color that I was planning to use doesn’t stay on the wood if you don’t coat it first, so I need three layers of coat.
And once that was dry, I spray painted the whole body and the head of the neck.

On the fret board and around the head, I used some tape, so that the paint would only on the place where I want it to be.
I am waiting for a new Ibanez decal, since I broke the first one.
Still I am not sure, which neck I am going to use on this guitar.
There both original Ibanez Reb beach necks, so I can use the both.
I have tried both necks on the guitar, and to be true I love the black head with the with Ibanez logo better on this body.
As you can see in the pictures, I have added the Lo-pro tremolo in the body, and the tuning heads in the neck.

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The strings I am using are Blue steal Dimarzio, from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42.
The Tremolo is a Lo-pro Edge and I have use 4 springs in the back, this way I get a nice floating grip on the tremolo and this gives great ways to play those wave harmonic's, in the style of Reb Beach.

The Strap is a 5" inch red Dimarzio clip-lock and this look complete with the same color of the guitar.

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