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Over the years I have been looking for the signature Eric Sardinas Washburn ES20CE Black Pearl Resonator guitar since I am a huge fan of his music and slide guitar talent.
And after seeing him in many live gig’s, I wanted to learn the technique more and more.

By pure accident I found this Washburn ES20CE Resonator for sale on a Dutch website, I made the seller an offer and a few days later I picked up the Resonator at his house.
And since the 28th of January 2014, I am the proud owner of the Signature Eric Sardinas Washburn ES20CE Black Pearl Resonator guitar.

I must say that the guitar is above all my expectations, plays really well and is extremely loud.
On some forms people complain about the a mouth of feedback that is generated by this guitar, but I believe it is a plus and this will really bring out the unique slide sound that Eric Sardinas has into his music and slide playing.

But let me tell you something more about the specifications of this guitar and how I have setup this guitar for playing the slide.
And then you will have a better understanding why this guitar is called the Eric Sardinas Black Pearl.

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Mahoney, rosewood fingerboard
Cross Diamonds Custom
Mahoney black pearl finish
19 Medium frets
ES Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
Aluminum spider bridge
White Bone

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The shape is a standard Washburn dreadnought shape with a cut-away for easy excess to the upper frets for slide playing.
The cut-way is a little deeper compared to another guitar and this feels pretty well, especially when you play some straight fretted notes or some high pitched slide notes at the upper frets.
The sound holes are at both sides of the guitar and their shape is similar as the chrome resonator cone-top, this allows you to get some higher output when you play un-amplified.

This works really well for acoustic recordings and is a real plus on this guitar.
The warm tones comes from both the Mahoney wood and the cone inside the body.
A real good sustained body configuration, solid and overall lightweight construction, and it’s sound comes out really strong.
The body is finished in a high glossy Black paint.

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The neck has a low contour profile on a Mahoney back and Rosewood fretboard with 19 medium frets, the profile of this neck gives you an easy excess to reach up to all the fret positions with the slide, and the strings won’t fret out and producing any buzzing, even for people with smaller hands like myself.

The finish on the neck and head stock is the same high glossy  Black Pearl finish as what you find on the body.

The inlay on the fretboard is a custom “cross diamonds inlay”, this gives the guitar it’s really unique and outstanding look.
On the headstock you find a mother of pearl inlay, shaped in the form of the sound holes from the body plus the Washburn name logo.

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The pickup is a ES Model Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Humbucker and is wired to a volume knob at the top end of the guitar.
This pickup gives a high gain output and it is really giving you that signature Eric Sardinas Slide sound with a little touch of feedback.
That last point, the feedback was for some people who owned the guitar a real issue and they couldn't really deal with the overdriven feedback sound of this custom shop humbucker, but I'm still enjoying the mind blowing aggression for this pickup.

The pickups is really tied and strong, and this will really give you the unique sound in combination with the resonated sound of the aluminum cone.
The top of the cone, has the signature Eric Sardinas ornament cutouts and this looks one of a kind with the cutouts on the body top.

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In the section of the Washburn R45RCE you could read that I own a few different slides, but my main slide at the moment is the Jim Dunlop 284 Eric Sardinas Signature Preachin' Pipe brass Medium slide.
The slide contour really feels fine when wearing it on my pinky.
The slide is shaped over the years during his live shows on stage, but Jim Dunlop manufactured the exact same shape, look and feel and the original slide that Eric is using.

My self, I got really small hands but the slide really feels like it suppose the be there, because of its natural feel.
The brass slide on this Washburn ES20CE resonator will really give you that authentic rough representation of the Eric Sardinas sound because of the metal on metal (slide vs. strings) sliding.
Fast, tapered shaped, thinned playing surface and flared and weighted end.
There are two versions the Jim Dunlop 284 and 285, pick out yours and I am sure you will enjoy you slide playing like never before.

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At this moment I am experimenting with the strings that I am going to use on this Washburn Resonator.
The guitar is now wired with a Martin MSP4250 Bluegrass SP Phosphor Bronze 92/8 hexagonal core, in the Gauges: .013, .017, .026, .035, .045 and .056.
For now that works the best for me, since I really like the warm tone of them.

Another set I have used was the Gibson J-200 Deluxe Phosphor Bronze String .013 set, in the gauge: .013, .017, .026, .035, .045 and .056.
Both sets work really fine, and really bring out a warm tone of the guitar.
Only for now I like the Martin set better when I use a capo on the neck, for some reason it feels better.
The capo I use is the Dunlop Trigger Capo, on the second fret to make the guitar is a E tuning. (since the guitar is tuning in open D).

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I also use the Dunlop finger picks when I play this guitar, plastic thumb pick and two metal finger picks to bring out more tone, since the metal picks sound brighter
compared to the plastic’s.

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Now I am the proud owner of the Signature Eric Sardinas Washburn ES20CEB Black Pearl Resonator guitar, and I really hope that I can bring this guitar to one of the future Eric Sardinas gig’s in Holland, to share my moment of happiness about this guitar.
I just lowered the nut a little, since the previous owner raised it for his style of playing.
I was so uncomfortable that I had to lower the nut, and now it guitar really fits my playing.
Some new recordings will be done for some special project that I am working on, which will be done around Nov 2014.
From those recordings, I will post some on the media section so you will have an idea what this Resonator sounds like.

Respect Tradition!

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