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For this guitar I came up with some idea’s for the neck in combination with some unique multicolor swirl mix.
I love all the swirls out there, and I wanted to make “tribute swirl Vai guitar”.
The idea started when I was playing with Photoshop for some neck idea, I thought it would be a nice idea to set the neck with the Vai logo as a inlay on each dot marking.
I contacted Christopher Woods, who had make me a neck before and showed him the neck I did in Photoshop and asked him if he had the time to make me a neck with inlay like this for me.
Chris had some time to make me one, and he was really interested in doing this project for me.

In my head I projected the guitar finished so I know where I was going with this project.
With this in mind, I started to build the body first.
For the body I used 2 pieces of Alder wood to custom build this Jem shaped body.
And once I was done and cleared the body, it was ready for the swirl.
I had never done this my self, so I contacted Nathaniel Perle in Plainfield USA, who I found in eBay and asked him if he was able to make me a custom swirl camouflage style.
I shipped the body to him, and a few weeks later the body was send back to me in this amazing swirl job.

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Ibanez jem77camo Custom
Carmel tree-of-life inlay
Alder camouflage swirl
Dimarzio Breed Humbucker
Dimarzio ISCV2 Evo single
Dimarzio Breed Humbucker
5 way
Lo-pro Edge system
Locking system

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For this guitar, I wanted to use all hardware in the Cosmo black finish, starting with the tremolo system.
Since I like to older systems better than the newer system, I started my search at eBay for some good looking tremolo system.
Along with the Ibanez MB500CK machine head tuners, I had most of the parts found on eBay.

And like I said, I wanted to use something different like I did before on my other Custom Ibanez Jem guitar projects.
The Breed humbucker from Dimarzio was a pickup that I wanted to use for a long time.

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At this time I had most of the parts needed to finish the project, but there was still no neck.
Chris had some trouble making the Vai Logo inlay, since the logo had to be made by hand and the parts were to small and they kept breaking while he was cutting the material.
In that time Chris didn’t had the CNC-machines he is working now with to build some real amazing stuff.
So we decided to finish the neck with a Caramel pearloid tree of life inlay on a ebony fretboard, and it turned out to be great in combination of the swirl and hardware.

See all the great work of Chris at his web site:

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Camo swirl
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The swirl is a combination of some nice colors, for this I picked the Flesh Carmel, Forest Gray, Snot Green, Chaos Black, Khemri Brown, and a high glossy clear coat finish.
And like any other multicolor the swirl is unique, but with these colors is even more unique.
Thanks to Christopher Woods for building me this wonderful neck, Nathaniel Perle for the amazing Swirl job, Mike Smith for every so amazing Dimarzio pickups and strap, the Music Maniacs in Holland for all the other parts I needed.
Thank you for helping me to make this guitar possible to make.

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The bridge on this guitar is the Ibanez Lo-pro edge in a cosmos black finish.
It offers a low action on the neck, and it stays always perfectly in tune.
It's springs in the back are set up when the 2 outer are diagonal and 1 in the middle is strength.This way the flooding on this system is perfect in balance.

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The guitar turned out the be great looking, very playable and good one of a kind sounding.
The strap is a Sand-brown Dimarzio clip-lock, and the strings are Dean Markley blue steal strings from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42
The uniqueness of the guitar stands from the design and look all started in Photoshop.

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