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This is one of the first custom build projects I did.
Before I started to build these guitars, I was looking for years for this Jem7bsb model.
The Ibanez Factory had made those models from 1996/1999, and I was out of luck to get me one.

When I cane across a model on the internet, the guitar was in a really poor state, damaged or to expensive.
So when my luck was over, I started to collect all the parts needed to start building a guitar like this my self.

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screw-heads inlay
American Basswood
Dimarzio Evolution Humbucker
Dimarzio HS-2
Dimarzio Evolution Humbucker
5 way
Pro Edge system
Locking system

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On the tutorial page there was said that you’ll need the Minwax #33 Green Bayou water based stain Clear Base Color codes 107-9 103-24 102-39 113-5
Since there wasn’t any local store near by, who was selling these cans of stain I did another search on the internet and found a company loftus designs who where selling those kind of stains.
I contacted Stephanie Sharp Loftus from Loftus Designs Company and ordered the Bayou-water based stain.

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Before I stared to put the stain right away on the body itself, I did some testing first on some left-over wood.
I divided the wood in three sample pieces, just to see what effect the heat-gun and stain would have to the wood.
 - 1 Part was light burned with 1 layer of stain.
 - 1 Part was heavy burned with 1 layer of stain.
 - 1 Part was heavy burned with 2 layers of stain.
While burning the wood, I saw in the test sample that the dark parts of heavy burning looked very cool and once I added the 2 layers stain to it, right away you could see the color pop from the wood.
So sample 3 was the one to go for on the Jem body.

Randomly I started to burn the Jem body at the front, side and back, some deep burnings, and some faded edges on the sides.

And once this was done, I took a 1200 grid sandpaper to clear the body down and ready for the staining.
The stain was applied to the body by hand while using a brush, but for a better clean surface I used a sponge to fill every left spot.

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Ibanez jem777pmc scalloped frets
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Ibanez had made two models in that same year, which had the same neck.
The Jem7bsb and the Jem7d, both have no scalloped upper frets, unlikely compared to any other Jem does.

I think this is because of the screw inlay, with the scalloped frets, the inlay would be too deep, I guess.
Still this is a very easy to play neck.

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On eBay, I saw someone who was selling a factory sealed Original Ibanez Jem7bsb neck for a very low price.
Cool… original and never used neck.
In that same time I found a useful tutorial on “how to burn and stain a Jem” like the Jem7bsb.
All I needed was a Jem Body and that same stain that was used for this.
I had no background on any wood-craftsmanship so I needed to by a Jem body for this.
Once I found one, I did some bidding on the Ibanez neck, won it and it was shipped to me.
No I could start to look for all the other parts needed, starting with the Stain.

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Ibanez jem7vwh Neck

The specifications on this body are the same as an original Ibanez Jem body, since the guy used to work for the US Ibanez factory.
I told him about the project I was working on, and he told me that if I was interested in making those Jem’s my self, he could help me with blueprint body specification for this Jem.
He also give me a book about guitar customization, which he has been working on so I had a better inside few on how a guitar like this was build for any future projects

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3 PC American Basswood Body Jem/RG style Body 44.5mm thick. No Edge round over.
Routed for Top mount Dimarzio Direct mount pickup or Ibanez V series pickups routed and drilled exactly at 74mm for Edge or Lo-pro, Stud hole is 10.14mm with a depth of 24mm for IBZ Stud Insert.
Tremolo rout front is 6mm, 95mm wide Lions Claw is 19mm deep unless noted.

Neck will fit any Japanese made 24 fret 25.5” all access neck.
One volume, one tone. Holes are 9.5mm for Dimarzio or IBZ pots
Neck pocket depth is 18.5mm
Neck pickup rout is 16mm
Middle pickup rout is 16.5 mm
Bridge pickup rout is 15.5mm
5 way switch slot for standard 5 way slide switch
Monkey Grip as 2000 version (Y2K) Body
Back tremolo rout is 19mm deep with 3 mm cavity plate cover rout

Jack is routed for tilt jack, depth is 37.5mm with 3 mm cavity plate, Tilt Jack is drilled at 3.4"
Monkey grip on back has 15mm depth for straight slot area.
Control cavity is 39.75mm deep with 3 mm cavity plate
Neck mounting style is all access 13.25mm Grommets,
Each set to same depth as 2000 version body. So the depth for each grommet is as follows
3mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm (this is standard IBZ Depths).

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Ibanez jem777pmc Lion claws
Ibanez jem7bsb photo 9

Just like any other Ibanez Jem, does this jem7bsb have those Lions claw under the bridge.
Since the body is without any clear coat layer, the lion claws looks deeper that a normal coated Jem.

And gives you the illusion that the space under the bridge is deeper and accessible for the tremolo to go down into the body to pitch up the note higher on this Jem, I have used the newest tremolo Pro Edge system, with a new locking system.
Works great, but my set-up tools will not fit on this bridge, which is the only down-side.

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Screw bushings & neck screw’s

NO. : 4PT1RG1B
NO. : 4PT1RG4B
NO. : 3PS1VLX91
NO. : MB500C
NO. : 3VR1J500D
NO. : 3VR1J500G
NO. : 4SC1J1B
NO. : 3JK1J23
NO. : 3CP1J331
NO. : 4KB1JF1B
NO. : 4KB1JF2B
NO. : 2LE1R31C
NO. : 2TL1BR43C
NO. : 4PT1RG2B
NO. : 4PT1RG3B
NO. : 4PG1J7D2

Dimarzio Pickups 2 Evolution Humbuckers and 1 HS-2 single coil.
All part model numbers were found at the Ibanez and Dimarzio web site.
Because I have a hard time to find all the parts that were used in the original Ibanez Jem7bsb I had to use some other parts.
The Nut, Machine head and the Tremolo unit, there where made of pearl nickel in the original Jem7bsb.

Just because Ibanez no longer makes this model, I have to replace them by Chrome parts, just like Ibanez use in the Jem7d model.
All parts were delivered by my local store the Music Maniacs except for the screw bushing rings and neck screws I have those from the guitar building templates site.
Once I have all the parts I could finish the guitar.
With the wire diagram I started to put the pickups into the body, and everything else in there place.
While I was doing this I broke the pick guard, and needed to order a new one.
I was rushing it, and didn’t pay attention to what I was doing.
But once I got another everything work out fine

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Ibanez jem7bsb photo 10

The Monkey grip is also something you always find on a Jem.
The Burned wood at the monkey grip side, on this guitar is into the grip it self and comes out in the back side of the guitar.
And is really nice colored by the blue stain; while the mirror pickguard on this guitar, stands out even more and make the guitar look hotter.

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Ibanez jem7bsb photo 15
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On this guitar I use the Dean Markley blue steal strings from 0.09, 0.11, 0.16, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.42 and a black Dimarzio Clip-lock Strap.
For a first build guitar, this guitar turned out to be a great guitar, and helped me learning and understanding all inn’s and out’s on how those are build.
A big “thanks” to all the people how helped me with getting all the parts and helpful information.

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