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GT 3 notes a string NB

This 3 notes a string section, is more then just that.
The main goal for me was to get them down as fast as I could, but since you can’t really make a full length song with only those kind of licks, I wanted to exploit this is a usable tutorials.

So with these 3 notes a string selection, I can add some little twitches and turns that I will still play the same notes, but I make it more interesting to listen to them.
With a change of interval, you can make the lick even sound into something else.

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3nas nb 001

This first lick in played over 3 strings, G,B and high E, starting on the 11th position.

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3nas nb 002

This has the same idea, but we change the finger setting on the B string.

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3nas nb 003

Again this is played over the same 3 strings, but we stay in the 11th position on the neck.

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3nas nb 004

The notes are the same as in lick 1, but we change the order of notes in the high E string and on the run back.

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3nas nb 005

This will be anther variation based on the 4th lick idea.

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3nas nb 006

Again the same idea, but when we land on the 15th fret we do a little sweep, and then we go back down the scale.

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3nas nb 007

The scale run is the same, but we make a bigger sweep across 5 strings and then we fall back in to the scale.

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3nas nb 008

Now I put in a different order on notes on the high E string before I go back down the scale.

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3nas nb 009

This is a combination of lick 8 and some of the sweep licks we did before in lick 7.

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3nas nb 010

This includes some two finger tapping across all of the strings.

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3nas nb 011

Comming Soon

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