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This section is based on some of the classical themed idea’s I played over the years.
I came across those idea’s when I was doing some stretched warm-up lick idea’s.
When I was fooling around with those, I came across some kind of system, that I could apply to most of the idea’s.

When I was working in 2008 on some classical orchestra piece, I had to sit down to find out what I was really playing on guitar, so I could understand what the rest of the orchestra had to be playing.
From this the idea was to put down some of those classical based shapes and forms, so that you can use them in your playing, or just as a simple warm up.

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Classical NB 001

The shape is very simple, and works really great for your picking hand.
I play this in 3 different positions, version 1

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Classical NB 002

Same idea but shape version 2.

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Classical NB 003

Same idea but shape version 3.

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Classical NB 004

This next lick is some Yngwie Malmsteen based shape, where you keep on repeating one note while you are going down the scale.

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Classical NB 005

This next lick is based on the same idea as in lick 4, but only in this shape I fall down to another repeatable pattern.

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Classical NB 006

This example isn’t really a classical idea by its chose of notes, but more because of the way how its played.
I start off at the A string on the 9th fret, and make a 4 note run and fall back in the melodic lick at the same frets.

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Classical NB 007

This idea is based on that same lick and I nearly play the same notes, only the order and speed has changed.

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Classical NB 008

This is the same lick as lick number 6 and 7, only in this I have combined the two together.

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