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The strange noises section is a dedication and collection of no technical related guitar tricks that you can do on the guitar.
Most of them are inspired by some of my favorite guitarists or tricks that I found out about over the years.
Since these tricks and noises have no real musical background, I can't make the tablature for those, but I hope that you have an idea what I am doing here by watching these insane sounding tricks and noises.

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Pacman NB

This is what I call the Mario Bros vs. Pacman sound, what is very also used by dragon force.
The trick is, you mute the strings with your left hand while you scratch with the tremolo arm from the D string down to the high E.
Repeat this 3 times quickly after one another, to make the Pacman sound speak, and you will have that real Dragon Force trademark sound.

Vertical Biggest
Frankenstein NB

This is a trick I saw Steve Vai and Joe Satriani doing in one of the Alice Cooper recordings “Hey Stoopid”, when you do this, and pan your recording to each left and right, you can make a conversation between the two.
What you do is, take out the tremolo arm, slide and skip across the strings without really taking the tremolo arm off the strings.
You have to listen to find the “hot spots” to make a good conversation.

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Pickup noises NB

This is something I saw in a Reb Beach instructional video.
You’ll hold the tremolo arm with your left hand, while you pressing one of the strings in between the pickups, so it will touch the magnetic of the pickup.
From there you’ll push the tremolo arm up and down to create this sound.

Vertical Biggest
Top Nut sound NB

This is yet another Reb Beach tick, again you hold the tremolo arm with your left hand, while you plug the strings behind the (locking) nut, from there you’ll re-leash the arm up and down to create this sound.

Vertical Biggest
Plectum rain drops NB

This is what I call plectrum rain drops cause some how it reminds me to the feel of water floating, a waterfall feel or teardrops falling.
The trick behind this is, rest your plectrum on the strings and trill slowly from left the right, back and forward across the strings. this works the best on the higher strings.
I use the more rounder side of the plectrum to do this.

Horizantal Biggest
SN Harmonics NB

Here i pick the Harmonic and press the tremolo arm down only to get this falling down sound.

Vertical Biggest
SN Version 2 NB

Here I am pulling up on the arm first top the highest point and from there I release the arm slowly down to it's lowest point.

Vertical Biggest
SN Version 3 NB

Here I do somewhat the same, only when I go down I give the arm a shake.

Horizantal Biggest
SN Version 4 NB

On this one, I plug the harmonic and pull the guitar up by the tremolo arm only so it looks like the guitar is floating in the air, from there I release the arm.

Vertical Biggest
SN Version 5 NB

Here I plug 4 harmonics followed by the tremolo arm pressed down on the last harmonic.
So you'll get that the harmonics bouncing into each other.

Vertical Biggest
SN Version 6 NB

Here I almost do the same, but before I go all the way down, I quickly pull it back up and I go down from there.

Horizantal Biggest
SN Version 7 NB

Plug two harmonics, and press the tremolo arm on the first on a little bit down, plug the second harmonic and pull the arm to a higher note and release it down again.

Vertical Biggest
SN Version 8 NB

Play two harmonics again at the same time and let them bounce into each other.
From there drop down the tremolo arm. For me this works the best in the B and High E string on the 5th fret.

Vertical Biggest
SN pinched harmonics NB

The idea of a pinched harmonics is the same as the others, there is only a different approach to it.
Where the harmonic was created with the left hand on the previous examples, is these harmonics produced by the right hand.
You do this by picking the string while the skin of your thumb is close to the plugged string.

Horizantal Biggest
SN Motor Cycle NB

I like this little trick, but it doesn’t work everywhere.
You can use this to start of a song, or the part of your guitar solo.
All you have to do is holding your tremolo are under your right hand, while your are plugging the open strings, from low to high.
Every time you plug a new string, you push the tremolo, and slowly release it up until you want to hear your next higher tone.

Vertical Biggest
SN Tapped Harmonics NB

The clue of a tapped harmonics is to find the octave note of the note that you are playing with your left hand, while tapping the octave note on that same string with your right hand.

Vertical Biggest
SN Wave Sounds NB

This you can play on any random fretted notes, while you are using the tremolo arm.
I use the tremolo at the back end of the guitar, so I have a better control over it.

Horizantal Biggest
SN Deep Dark Sound NB

There is not much to it to play this.
All you have to do is press down the tremolo are, so there will be no tension on the strings.
With your left hand, you can make those strings bounce, while you slowly put some tension back to the strings.
But so little, that the won’t be any clear notes, this works the best on the lower strings.

Vertical Biggest
SN Palm Scratching NB

Rest your flesh of your right hand lightly to the strings, while you make some pull off’s and hammer on s to the strings.
Then slide your right hand slowly across the strings, and you’ll get this sound’.

Vertical Biggest
SN Guitar Talking NB

This is something from which I love how it sounds, but I can’t use really much, since there is no really musical thing to it.
But since it will fit in this strange noise section, I wanted to add this.
For this I randomly play notes with my left hand, while I am pulling and pushing the tremolo arm up and down.
The random notes works for me the best if you play them near to each other, like a chromatic scale.
For this I keep the tremolo arm at the back of the guitar for a better control.
An extension for this would be the use of a wah-wah pedal, then you can make your guitar speak more, like you put some more articulation of a human voice to it.

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