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Yes I have some tapping technique, the only thing is…I believe I have a strange why of applying them into my way of playing.
Most of the time I use the tapping as an extension of the lick I was playing, I don’t really apply them as repeatable patterns and stay on them for ever.

A tapped lick would be for me the same as an scaled run but with and extra finger on my left hand.
Here in the video’s I have posted, I will try to explain what I main with this and the techniques behind each idea that I am showing you.

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Tapping NB 001

A basic shape but a good practice lick if you are starting to learn some tapping.

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Tapping NB 002

For this I use the side of the pick to tap the note on the 12th fret on the high E string.
I use the pick for this, so the sound is a little bit thicker on the tapped note.

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Tapping NB 003

Here is the trick, tapping with two fingers, I use the first and second finger of the right hand to do this.

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Tapping NB 004

This is a variation on lick 3, but more in a song type a shape.

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Tapping NB 005

This tapping lick is tapped over a chord shape hold by the left hand, to create those nice overtones.

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